$10 trillion jazz album CD

Would anyone like to pay 10 trillion dollars for a rare Coryell jazz guitar album audio CD? Here’s your chance: http://www.amazon.com/Coryell-Larry/dp/B00005NWC9/ref=sr_1_19?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1381113485&sr=1-19&keywords=larry+coryell

Q: How many jazz CDs do you expect to sell at $10 trillion each?

A: I just have to sell one.

Not with $3.99 shipping, I don’t.

Only ten trillion?
What’s wrong with it? Scratched?

So this is what those $1 trillion coins are for…!

Prices are always higher in Ohio.

It has a naked hippie family on the cover. No thanks.

From the product description.

One TRILLION dollars! puts pinky in corner of mouth

No way that’s worth more than 3 billion. Pass.

I was thinking of making a bid of 1c. :slight_smile:

The CD has tracks called ‘‘Sex’’ and ‘‘Morning Sickness.’’ Lovely.

I hope this is still available when my next paycheck clears! Also I hope my next paycheck is for 10 trillion dollars.

If the guy is taking offers on it, let’s take up a SDMB collection and offer him a dollar.

How do you “Make An Offer” on Amazon?

Probably bordering on kiddie porn in some jurisdictions.

Why pay 10 trillion when you can just download it for free?

because this is the rare, barely used, CD that was used to rip the tracks you download man - its like first generation awesome compared to those riptracks.

runner pat, this is 2013! That amount of money doesn’t even exist! That’s like saying “I want a kajillion bajillion dollars!”

Oh man! And just last Saturday I spent my music budget for the month when I bought a John McLaughlin CD for $7.8 trillion. It’ll probably be gone by next month.

Bleh. Can’t compare to the vinyl. I’d bid on it if it were an LP.