$10 trillion jazz album CD

Not to be a Buzzkill (because it is funny) but the reason stuff like this happens is they have a program that compares their prices with a competitor and automatically adjusts accordingly which somehow gets messed up. I posted an article about it on Cafe Society when someone found a book about flies selling for millions of dollars.

except there is only 1 of these - you’d think the developer of said program would have accounted for that possibility -
… or maybe they did…

I think the Illuminati own the reel(s).

Damn, I came into the thread to post this. :mad:

Supply and demand.

Actually, the listing is for ten quadrillion dollars, so we’re talking real money now.

In case anyone is interested, I found the article I was talking about here.

Still not going over $3 billion.


how much is that in quatloos, newcomer?

No, it’s ten trillion (US). Check your zeroes again. I see: “1 used from $10,000,000,000,000.00”

counting from the right, every three zeroes to the left of the decimal point: “thousand, million, billion, trillion. 10 trillion.”

Or, better, 1x10[sup]13[/sup].

Also, perhaps it’s in Zimbabwean dollars. (Yes, quite literally, a 10 trillion dollar note, although they’ve revalued their currency since then [2008].)

Anyone notice the CD release date?

It’s all part of the conspiracy, man.

Damn, now I have to cancel that check.

Moving to CS.

Thats not the one I’m looking for… had a Larry Coryell vinyl live at Winterland or Montreux… it was Larry in a three piece setting… Bernard "Pretty{ Purdie was the drummer… he did “albert” in the set… it was damn good… been looking for it… no hippy family on the cover… Fairyland? maybe…


thats it.

Unlike the usual $10k for a $20 item Amazon listings, I wonder if there is some other reason for this. E.g.,

  1. List an obscure item for a ton of money. Make some initial posts around the Net about it so it starts to get some attention. Let it go viral.

  2. People click on the listing. Start clicking on the seller’s other listings and related pages. (Does Amazon pay affiliates for clicks?) Maybe even start to see your Amazon store rise in Google listings.

  3. Profit.

Maybe Larry Coryell posted it himself in some kind of publicity gambit.