100-car pile up on I-96 in Michigan

Holy crikey! That’s a mess o’ cars. I travel that stretch all the time. Glad today wasn’t one of those days.

How awful. I’m surprised that only two people were killed.

According to the local news, over 200 cars were involved, when you consider both directions of traffic. The westbound (I think) direction is still closed off, although I believe the other direction has re-opened. I’m amazed, and relieved, this wasn’t worse, in terms of loss of life. I haven’t heard of any more fatalities beyond the two that were already reported. Hopefully everyone else will be all right.

I have to say, though, that the weather conditions certainly were ripe for trouble this afternoon. The fog was amazingly thick in places, and from the sound of things it was the major factor in the pile-up. Again, I am very relieved that more people weren’t seriously hurt.