100 Simpsons Characters Challenge

The TV show **The Simpsons ** has had literally hundreds of different characters over the years, from regulars, recurring characters, one-time appearances, celebrity appearances, etc. The challenge today is to name at least 100 separate characters that have appeared on The Simpsons. Now I know that some posters could name 100+ characters all by themselves, so here’s the catch:

  • Nobody can identify more than one character in a post
  • Nobody can post more than one time in this thread

Therefore, if we play correctly, we will need at least 100 posts in order to meet the challenge. I’ll go first.

Sideshow Bob

Chief Wiggum

Hans Moleman

Prof. Frink

Hank Scorpio


Paul McCartney

Comic Book Guy

Disco Stu.


Squeaky-Voiced Teen

Rabbi Krustofski.

"“The Candy Man said that? Perhaps I’ve been mistaken.” "

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

I get to say Homer Simpson?

Homer Simpson.

Dr. Julius Hibbert

Groundskeeper Willy, my favorite!

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Actually, my favorite character is Very Tall Guy. Though I only think he’s been in one episode, ever.

No love for Nelson Muntz?