100 Wonders to see before you die. How many have you seen?

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I’ve seen twelve.

Grand Canyon
Colosseum of Rome
St. Peters
Sistine Chapel
Canels of Venice
Carlsbad Caverns
St. Marks Basilica
New York Skyline
Niagra Falls
San Francisco
Okay, I don’t alltogether agree with the list, but that isn’t what I’m looking for, so put objections aside for the moment.
So, how many have you seen?


And, I won’t have any heartburn if I don’t ever see any of them. I’d have enjoyed traveling as a youngster but now I’m old and set in my ways. Grumpy, even. :slight_smile:

ETA: I did go to NYC a couple of times but I don’t remember paying attention to the skyline much.


Three: NY skyline (both before and after 9/11), Niagara Falls, and San Francisco. I might add the Notre Dame de Paris, which I have seen both the inside and in a “Son et Lumiere” show. I would also add the Chion-In Buddhist temple in Kyoto, just about the most impressive room I have ever seen.

Could you expand on your answer a bit? I want to be able to properly drool at the thought of all the cool things you’ve seen that I likely won’t ever see.

A paltry four. All in this country. I’ve spent an hour in Canada and grand total of a day in Baja California in my entire life, so the wonders outside of the U.S. are still waiting for me to put my passport to some good use. Some day! <shakes fist>

Oh, the ones I’ve seen are the NY skyline (just this past summer for the first time), the Grand Canyon (twice, for about 20 minutes), Yosemite and San Francisco.

Ten. The NYC skyline and the Met are right here for me. Others:
Amazonian rainforest (in Peru)
Sahara (in Morocco)
British Museum
Machu Picchu
Jerusalem Old City
San Francisco (the whole city?)
Niagara Falls

Obviously this is rather arbitrary. Are the fjords of Norway that much better than the fjords of New Zealand, which I’ve seen?

  1. Basically all the ones in Western Europe and the USA. Excepting the fjords of Norway, which I’m still pining for.
  1. New York, San Fran, Venice, and Niagara Falls. I have seen a lot of other cool stuff, though.

The Grand Canyon
New York Skyline
San Francisco
British Museum
Yosemite NP
Yellowstone NP


Louvre Museum
Mont St Michel
New York skyline
Eiffel Tower
British Museum
San Francisco

I actually saw all eight of them within two months. I still think Chicago has a better skyline than New York.

I’ve only seen five, although about a quarter of the items on that list don’t even interest me. My top 100 places to see would be wildly different.

No Hawaii?!?

16: Forbidden City
32: Fjords of Norway
37: Hong Kong
41: Louvre Museum
43: Versailles
47: The Met
57: Chartres
79: Stonehenge
81: Yellowstone
84: Manhattan skyline
86: Eiffel Tower
89: British Museum
92: Yosemite
99: San Francisco
Grand Canyon - missed it.

Basically some business travel, vacations in France and the UK, and a couple trips to China. One trip to Italy would nail another stack it appears.

Dude, nobody pines for the fjords of New Zealand

5 BTW: NY, SF, Niagara falls, Yosemite, Grand Canyon ETA oh yeah, and the Met, so 6.

Well, I’ve been to 48, I think. I spent a year and a half traveling around the world, 3 months backpacking in Europe after college, plus I’ve been around the USA quite a bit. A lot of these places are twofers (Florence, NYC, Venice, Istanbul, Vatican City).

Great Wall of China, Topkapi Palace, Prague Old Town, Serengeti Migration, Stonehenge, Galapagos Islands, Angel Falls, Grand Canyon, Colosseum of Rome, Yellowstone NP, Machu Picchu, Fjords of Norway, St Peter’s Basilica, Mezquita Cordoba, Matterhorn, Iguazu Falls, New York Skyline, Bali, Dubrovnik, Amazon Rain Forest, Uffizi Gallery,Eiffel Tower, Ngorongoro Crater, Great Barrier Reef,. Sistine Chapel, Niagara Falls, Angkor Wat, Delphi, British Museum, Victoria Falls, Alhambra, Forbidden City, Louvre Museum,Yangtze Riv. Cruise, Bagan, Canals of Venice, St Mark’s Basilica, Yosemite NP, Florence Cityscape, Ayers Rock, Acropolis, Metropolitan Mus, Shwedagon Stupa, Neuschwanstein,Temple Em. Buddha, Leaning Tower Pisa, San Francisco, Hagia Sofia.


Chichen Itza
Colosseum of Rome
St. Peter’s Basilica
Sistine Chapel
Louvre Museum
Canals of Venice
Metropolitan Museum
Prague Old Town
Chartes Catheral
St. Marks Basilica
Florence Cityscape
Leaning Tower Pisa
New York Skyline
Eiffel Tower
Niagara Falls
British Museum
Yosemite NP
Chambord Chateau
San Francisco

As you can see from this list, I have travelled extensively in North America and Europe, but not much elsewhere in the world.

It would have been two if the grand Canyon hadn’t had a flash flood during my vacation.

How did the Corn Palace not make the list?:wink:

Yeah, that list calls for some proper droolage, excuse me while I go get a hanky.

14: Louvre, Venice, Versailles, Met, Chartres, Uffizi, St Mark’s, Florence, Mt-St-Michel, NY, Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, British Museum, and San Francisco. Hoping (OK, pining) to add the Fjords next year.

I’ve seen exactly one- Yellowstone, which I drove through one day while traveling across the country. I’m now very depressed.

I’m also a bit surprised that Crater Lake isn’t in that list. It should be.