100 years from now the O.J. Verdict

I was wondering given the following senerio what do you think the history books will read the OJ Simpson Verdict.

Assumming that he dies, and everything remains exactly like it is today. No one comes forth, no new evidence what so ever is found what do you think the history books will say?

Will they say as Lizzie Borden he probably did it but it could never be proved. Or do you think time will reverse it and say he was truly innocent and the trial was a sham to cover up for police mishandling of the investigation, or what?

I’m not asking did he or didn’t he or what you think of the outcome I am wondering how you think time specifically 100 years, will change the outcome.

As now Leopold an Loeb are view more sympathetically and Lizzie Borden is viewed as guilty.

Given the statements from the jury, after the trial, I’m pretty sure he’ll still be considered guilty.

Personally, I’d rather the history books didn’t bother mentioning the incident, letting Simpson fade into obscurity.

I doubt that will be the case though.

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OJ who?


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to my knowledge, among historians, Lizzie Borden is considered innocent, with absolutely no motive to kill, and no evidence against her.

It is only in the popular consiousness that she is considered a killer.

Just gotta put in my 0.02 in behalf of Lizzie.

Have you seen the movie of Lizzie Borden. Unless she’s handing them the ax, letting them kill themselves, and then cleaning up afterwords (because the don’t show the actuall slaughter on TV for obvious reasons) they sure as hell portray her as being guilty. That is pretty much the accepted version of the story as far as I know. Although at the end they do say that this is not neccisarily what happend just what the authors’ take on it.

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OJ Simpson took a knife
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When he saw what he had done
He killed the waiter, just for fun.


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Way to go, man. I was gonna say ,i doubt OJ will even be afoot note in history. The only reason any one remembers Lizzie is it made such a nice jump rope song. Then you had to come up with that. i saw on Tv the other day that the reason we won WW2 was that john wayne was the last one left alive when the minute men attacked San Juan Hill.


It was called the trial of the century, so it will probably be remembered for a long time.
Especially with all the tv footage and photos available. They will probably say as Lizzie Borden he probably did it but it could never be proved.

However, I doubt OJ, or the actual muderer, will take the truth to the grave with him. I’m rather amazed the truth (who is the killer?) has not surfaced in the five years since it happened. Hmmmmm…maybe it’s a conspiracy involving the government?

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History will look back on the trial as the first time a black man was allowed to kill a white woman, and not be hung from the nearest tree.

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