100m sprinters upper body

Watching the Olympic 100m finals, I noticed how developed the sprinters upper bodies were. It seems like a lot of extra weight to carry. Where’s the advantage having big muscular arms when your a sprinter ?

You need to develop a great deal of power in a short time. As the arms go, so go the legs. Try running without moving your arms.

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Because they all take performance enhancing drugs. You can’t be that lean (low body fat%), that active in burning calories and develop secondary muscle groups of suspicious size. It’s the same darn thing we said with athletes in other sports (such as baseball, when the upper body is in play AND they aren’t as lean. They were freaks. Sprinters moreso, because they have less of a chance to build upper-body mass!!).

It’s a big sign flashing sing that reads: "Steroids; HGH, PED’s!

Just as the naive parents that don’t know their kids are on drugs, so are the fans and public naive. Like, jeeze, how can you miss it?!


Bodies are systems. We are the definition of holistic. If you want to improve one part, you need to improve all the parts.

Seen any cyclists lately? Huge legs, skinny arms.

Why do think he’s named Lance Armstrong?

Bradley Wiggins looks almost malnourished in the picture that goes along with this article from last July. Any unnecessary muscle mass is just wasted weight on a cyclist. The Grand Tour winners are generally skinny bean poles, but of course that doesn’t rule out the genetic freaks and those who combine genetic advantages with chemical advantages.

Cyclists, marathon runners and any sort of distance runners are engaged in aerobic exercise; in which oxygen is used to fuel their muscles. While sprinters are engaged in anaerobic exercise; in which much shorter, more intense bursts of energy are required than can be achieved through aerobic means alone.

It’s pretty much accidental. Let me explain, before you call me an idiot.

Lifting weights is a great way to get in shape. Over the last 50 years, the myth that weights would make you “muscle-bound” died the death it deserved, and weights became a part of the training routine for almost all athletes. Even golfers lift weights now.

Genetics vary. Some people can work out with weights all their lives, correctly, and they will be in much better shape than if they hadn’t, but they won’t get big, bulging muscles.

Other people can seemingly just look through a gym window as they walk past and grow. Herschel Walker looked like he must have lifted railway cars for exercise, but all he did was pushups, pullups, and situps. He still looks amazing, well into his 40’s.

The biggest factor in how much strength and speed you have is the ratio of fast-twitch to slow-twitch muscle fibers, and that is mostly genetic. If you are a world class sprinter, I don’t care how hard or long you trained, you were blessed with the right kind of muscles when you were a gleam in your daddy’s eye. The kind of muscles that get big and strong and fast with minimal training. Herschel Walker was a great sprinter.

And that’s what you are seeing with Olympic sprinters. They don’t really need big, muscular arms; they just fooled around in the gym and got them without even trying.

But if those sprinters trained like marathon runners, they would lose their big muscles.

Bullshit. Even college runners work their asses off, even moreso at the world-class level.

I was on here telling you that the muscles you saw (like the traps, foremans and shoulders) on the likes of Sosa and Bonds, among others, were fueled by steroids/HGH.

Let me tell you something about the traps on these guys: Ain’t no sprinter going to develop that secondary muscle group to freakish proportions by starving.

A sprinter is in constant starvation mode to keep ultra lean body mass. Key, incredibly dedicated leg muscles will maintain a semblance of size as the body funnels off what is needed as they are under constant duress and need.

But when you see forearms and trap muscles very large, you can jump to 80% certainty PEDs are in play. Muscles can look good, lean and ripped, but they cannot, under normal circumstances, grow like that when they are nothing more than secondary muscles on a starving body.

Again, everyone who knows what pot does to someone doesn’t need a blood sample to know your kid is on dope.




Competitive athletes burn a lot of calories and take in a lot of calories. I guarantee you Olympic sprinters are not starving. You do not need to be starving to be lean. You can eat exactly the number of calories your body requires and still be perfectly lean.

A non sequitor. Distance runners, cyclists, etc. need more slow twitch muscles. Sprinters need more fast twitch muscles. Has nothing to do with muscle mass. For the first 100 yards, the body uses creatine for energy, which does not require oxygen, but this does not depend upon muscle mass.

So, Philster, are you trying to say that any runner with a developed upper body is on 'roids?

Man…who knew Jesse Owens was juiced?

I was on the same high school track team as Bill Green(won the 1980 Olympic Trails 400 and held the national high school record in the 400). I saw the work he put in. I doubt he juiced. Wasn’t really a problem at the high school level at the time.


Do you people really think these sprinters are all legit? The detection methods can’t detect everything, and when they can detect something, it can be gone from the system in time.

Your kids are on dope, and I don’t need a blood test to confirm it. Drunks fail sobriety tests w/out a breath test. Sprinters fail my test.

Been calling these things right since the 80’s. When Ben Johnson ran his race way back when, we named the juice he was on before he stopped breathing hard at the end of the race.


Yeah, it’s kinda easy to see when people are on drugs…

Yeah, the sprinters are probably all on drugs, just like all the other olympic athletes. Doping at the top levels of sport is a millennia-old tradition with a pretty wild history.

But who cares? Usain Bolt isn’t dominating the field because he has access to better drugs than anyone else, and it’s not like there’s anything I can inject in my ass that’ll make me run 100m in under ten seconds without years of training.

Usain Bolt is such a showman probably because he has a little USA in Bolt. :slight_smile: