101st ave.

driving down the freeway today, i noticed a billboard telling my to ‘take exit 202, left on 101st ave’. upon considerable contemplation, i came to the conclusion that ‘101st ave’ just didnt make any sense.

so i ask you, fellow dopers, what is the proper way to say ‘101st ave’??

one hundred and first ave? one-o-one ave? help me out, here - im truly puzzled.

“one hundred and first avenue”

“One hundred and first avenue”. What is wrong with saying it like this?

"One hundred and oneth avenue?
"One hundred and onend avenue?
"One hundred and onerd avenue?

Nope, those sound horribly wrong. Just as “21st” and “41st” work, so does “one hundred and first.”

A question to the Noo Yawkers – many street signs in the Big Apple don’t include the ordinal designation, instead listing the street name like “99 ST”. Do New Yorkers say “Ninety Nine Street” or "Ninety Nineth Street?

Actually, it’s “one-hundred first”, no “and” within.

In NYC, when I was there, we used to call it “Hunnert n Foist” :smiley:

What? Nobody else would say “One Oh First” ?

I saw a street sign in L.A. that said “111st St.” I guess that’s supposed to be pronounced “eleventy-first.”

Maybe at one time, but I’m pretty sure they have the st,nd,rd,th now. It’s just small type.

and it would be 99th street
or tirdte-tird n tird (33rd & 3rd)

[hello Jack]

A really irritating thing I see on billboards and in TV commercials is the use of “1000s”, as in “save 1000s of dollars!!”. What’s with that? To me, it reads as, “Save one thousands of dollars”. Just a pet peeve.

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