NYC Street Addresses

On an episode of “Taxi”, a rich client asked to go to his residence at 6 Central Park West (or some number). What kind of address is that? Although I unfamiliar with NYC, still…how can someone live at Central Park? Is that a complete street address?

It’s a street address. Did it not occur to you that there might be a street called Central Park West?

Which gives rise to another question. It seems that, on the West Side north of 59th Street, the avenues lose their numbers and have names instead. (8th Ave becomes the aforementioned Central Park West, 9th Ave becomes Columbus Ave, etc.) Is there any history or reason behind that?

It happens elsewhere too. There is a Bronx Park South in the Bronx.

There’s also a Central Park South.

Mean Streets: The Stories Behind NYC Street Names

It was part of efforts of real estate developers in the 1880s and 1890s to promote the Upper West Side as a separate, high class neighborhood distinct from the low-rent West Side south of Central Park. Eighth Avenue was changed to Central Park West in 1883, and Ninth and Tenth to Columbus and Amsterdam respectively in 1890.

How the West Side was Won.

No, obviously it actually did not occur to me there’d literally be a street that shares the same name as the park. Maybe I need to get out more.

They even made a terrible TV show about it.

There’s also a stretch of 9th Ave in Brooklyn known as Prospect Park West…


A bigger question is at the corner of 1st and 1st! How can the same street intersect on itself?!! It must be the nexus of the universe!

And Houston Street is “0th” Street.

And in Brooklyn, Prospect Park West.

I’d be surprised if every large city didn’t have at least one street named for an adjacent park. Rochester, e.g., has Genesee Park Blvd.

Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

In Chicago, there is a street called Lincoln Park West which is, you guessed it, along the western edge of the park called Lincoln Park.

(there is no Lincoln Park East, but one could logically apply that name to Lake Shore Drive if they didn’t might being iconoclastic)

Well, Hollywood has Sunset Strip, NYC has Mobius Strip.

In places where streets were numbered during the era of curving subdivision streets, you pretty commonly encounter something like the corner of 37th and 38th, or sometimes 38th St. and 38th Pl. And in rare instances with Y intersections, a street sign showing the corner of 38th St. and 38th St. may be found.

Cupertino, CA has Infinite Loop.