1040x acknowledgment by IRS

How long does it typically take to get some feedback from filing a correction form to your 1040?

One small bump for mankind…

I did one a couple years ago.

It took a good 3 or 4 months for them to even acknowledge that they had received it. The refund came not long after that.

I seem to remember that I even sent a copy after I got worried it was lost. But it turns out it just takes forever.

Funny you should ask. I filed my amended return in March and they just mailed out my refund check on Friday, Jul 8th. Just about four months later.

If you want to check up on yours, go to their website, it will tell you that you can’t use their hotline to check up on an amended return. Then it will give you a phone number. But when you call, you listen to five minutes worth of options before it gives you another number to call about your return. Unfortunately for you, I can’t find the scrap of paper I had that written on. When you call, have your form in front of you and know your SSN.

All in all, I only had to wait on the phone about ten minutes, maybe less. And the guy I talked to was as nice as could be.

I got my check in today’s mail.

Ok. It sounds like it just takes a long time.

I little frustrating though. It could be stuck to the side of the mailbox and you wouldn’t know. Unless you find bluethree’s number. Or use certified mail I guess.

Thanks all!