Income tax refund - how long does it take?

Usually I file my taxes on April 15, and get my refund around the middle of June (I think?). This year I did a couple of things differently.

  1. Filed about a month early.
  2. Went with direct deposit, because my mail delivery has been sort of unreliable for the last 6 months.

How long does it usually take to turn the refund around? I’m told it’s faster if you file earlier, and if you do direct deposit. Also, does the IRS send you a check stub or some other kind of confirmation that the deposit went through (but see point #2 above)?

I filed my taxes electronically on February 2nd and got my refund on the 14th. The filing acceptance screen told me to when I should expect the refund to be transferred to my CU. For a mailed in return I would guess you’d see your refund in four to six weeks

The IRS doesn’t send any notification that the funds have been deposited. I just checked my account online to see when the deposit hit my account.

I filed and received my refund at the exact same dates as Whiskey-Hotel. He is probably correct with the estimates he (or she?) set forth above.

One thing you can do, however, is to utilize the IRS toll-free refund hotline.


Call that number with a copy of your 1040 in hand and it should tell you the status of your refund.

Yeah there is a problem, I filed electronically too and got it in 10 days.

Well, my accountant filed electronically on April 15th, and I got my refund 14 days later, deposited automatically to my bank.

Whether my case is typical, I can’t say.

Very helpful info… I called the hotline and I’m told that the refund was credited. A few weeks ago.


Guess I’ll be going out tonight after all.

I guess we’re asked and answered here, but I thought I’d add that if you click on a link on the very top of you can enter some information and it will tell you instantly about the status of your refund.