I got my tax refund earlier than expected!

$1100! By direct deposit! A week and a half after filing electronically! :slight_smile:

And I got a raise last week!


:: goes back to sleep, but after that, it’s off to the mall, baby! ::

I signed up for direct deposit.
I got a check in the mail yesterday. :confused:

I e-filed and got mine back yesterday. Hooray!

I love electronic filing and recommend it to everyone considering those asinine “refund loans”. If you direct deposit, you get your money back in just about the same amount of time. Got mine back in a week and a half too!

Mine showed up in my account about a week after I e-filed. I’d forgotten I’d e-filed, of course, so when I looked at my account balance, I couldn’t figure out why I was so rich! Them’s the nice kind of surprises, them is.

I efiled the day before Washington’s Birthday, so no one even looked at it till that Tuesday. The money was in my bank account Mar 2, so just over 2 weeks. The state did even better - 2 days!! So not only did we get unexpected refunds (we’ve always had to pay in the past) but we got them fast! The money will be back in the economy soon - we’re redoing our bathrooms. (Ourselves - we didn’t get nearly enough back to afford having someone else do them)

I already changed my withholdings for next year - I’d rather be within $100 come tax time.