$10K For A Magazine? This Has Gotta Be A Scam!

Supposedly Intel wants it.

If it’s true, then I wish I had a copy.

{DMark casually strolls through local library magazine section and offers to go down to the basement to sort through those dirty, spider infested boxes of old copies of Popular Mechanics, National Geographic and, oh yeah, that box full of old copies of Electronics Magazine…}

It’s legit.

And it’s been found.

The thing that struck me about this whole thing was that Moore himself didn’t have a copy. Who doesn’t keep a half a dozen copies of any journal they’re published in?

He may have had a marked-up copy. Who knew that the article would be historic? So he probably made no effort to keep a pristine copy, which is what they wanted.

Yeah, and several have been stolen from libraries. Thanks, folks.

Even though they clearly said “no stolen library copies”. So you stole it and it’s not even worth anything. We really appreciate that.

It all depends on how often you’re published. If you do a lot of it, you run out of storage pretty quickly. I’ve had about 150 magazine articles published, and you can bet I don’t have 750 magazines laying around the house!