10th Kingdom

Where is the sequel!!! No movie has ever been left open more for a sequel. WE NEED MORE WOLFIE!!! howls coming from backround

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I’d like to see a second miniseries - I actually bought the first one on VHS (since I still don’t have a DVD player), but the tape hasn’t held up well. I’ve got tapes older than it that play more cleanly - that one has a lot of static, especially in the first half (of course, my six year old VCR may be going too…hmmmm).

But either way, I’d like to see more.

The DVD (which I have yet to see) according to my overobsessed friend Jessica who has it, says there are deleted scenes. My sister bought the tapes that came with the book and cd from NBC and the tape is getting a little staticy.

I promise to let you barrow it as soon as Ben returns it… I miss it just as much as you are… Darn you Ben!

There are indeed deleted scenes on the DVD. I bought it the day it came out. Tenth Kingdom RULEZ! And I’ve heard rumors of a sequel, which is badly needed since they kinda left us hanging. Hell, the last line is "And that’s the end of the first book of the Tenth Kingdom’ or something like that.

I agree. MORE WOLF! Scott Cohen is so magically delicious…mmm…:slight_smile:


I wuvies Wolfie… Sigh I’ve heard that the next movie is supposed to be about Wolf and his family… I hope, I hope, I hope…
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Once upon a time when I looked up the book after the series came out on DVD and video, it said on amazon (or was it barnes and noble?) that the author did indeed plan for it to be a series of books, and hopefully a series of movies. I wonder if anything ever came of that…

Not that I know of, elfkin, but we can always hope, can’t we? :slight_smile:

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I last read that he was penning a sequel but I doubt NBC/Hallmark will pay for it because The 10th Kingdom looks mighty expensive and it didn’t get many viewers. We can always hope! SCOTT COHEN IS SOOOO SEXY! The wolf aspect just makes him better! Also, if there is a sequel, it is supposed to be out all the pardoned wolfs. crosses fingers

Xander And I know a guy that looks like Scott Cohen, and i am currnetly stalking him right now… His name is Crispy… He has no idea who we are… God i need a life…

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I wish that I bought it on DVD. I got the VHS tapes almost as soon as they were available, and now I’m trying to justify the DVD costs. Are there any other features other than deleted scenes?

Yeah there are bloopers on it too… They are sooooo funny…

Does anyone here know who sings the opening theme to the tenth kingdom? I want a C.D. of her… She sounds cool.