10th post lost in 'saving'


I browse a lot of sites, both personally and for work. This is the only place I have a problem.

But your problem can’t be troubleshot without more information. No one else is reporting such problems.

Browser & Operating System should be pretty easy.
Chrome on Windows 11 or Safari on Mac XX as 2 examples.

to check/change your SDMB skin:

  • Click on your Avatar next to the Menu. (Upper Right Corner)
  • Select Preferences (The last symbol on the right)
  • Select Preferences again (The gear symbol)
  • Click on Interface. (Should be the last choice.)

So, again, can repeat the problem with a different browser (or tried anything else other than posting that it happened)?

Yes, but the Board knows what is in your heart, so you must be harboring some dark and awful secret. When, and only when you purge your guilt before all of your peers, will you be able to post again successfully. :hammer_and_pick:

Do you use Chrome extensions? Have you tried browsing with the extensions turned off? I once had a minor oddball issue with this site and it related to that.

At any rate, I’ve never lost a post on this site and, in fact, have recovered many posts that I thought I had lost when I accidentally closed a tab or window. On the old site, copying a reply into the buffer was pretty much a must.

I’ve had it happen; but assumed it was a connection problem.

I think, but am now not sure, that it’s only happened a couple of times and only when I was otherwise having connection problems. Sorry that I don’t have more info, but I put it down to lost connection and didn’t try to diagnose further, and it hasn’t happened recently. Firefox on a Mac in Straight Dope Light, for what it’s worth.