10th post lost in 'saving'

Fuck this site. The old site didn’t this. It does to me all the time. I have a great internet connection, super-fast, but all the time ‘saving’…

Where is the middle-finger emoji???


I’ve not lost a post since we came to the new site. The old one, however…

Maybe describe in more detail? I’m not having any problems.

I type a post, submit and then see at the bottom of the SD window in a Chrome browser…



I’ve never seen this. In fact, I’ve had the opposite experience, where anything I type is saved automatically such that if I open the same thread in another browser tab, my draft post is still there waiting for me.

I’m usually using Safari on an iPad. I also use Firefox on a Mac.

So the board hates me and me alone…


That sounds like a network issue, not a board problem.

I’ve had the same problem, but I do have a dodgy connection at times. Mostly if I leave it alone it eventually posts, but it’s very annoying.

What have you tried doing when you get the ‘Saving…’ message?

It’s due to a bad internet connection.

You should copy the text of your post, refresh the page, then paste the text again if it was only partially saved before.

Try pinging the site and see if you get any lost packets. Bring up a command line window and type:

ping boards.straightdope.com -n 50

This will ping the board 50 times. Or use a different number.

You want to see if you get any packet loss, and also if there’s occasional much higher latency than usual (the “time=” number).

Even if you’re having internet connection issues, until they’re resolved you might also try a different browser, like Firefox, which may handle connection issues differently.

If you suspect internet connection issues, you might also want to do an internet speed test, preferably one that is specific to your ISP. If you’re getting substandard speed or great variations in speed, that gives you evidence for placing a trouble call.