11 Year Old Bailey’s Irish Cream - will it kill me? (Don’t need answer fast).

Obviously not urgent, as I’ve had it for over a decade, unopened.

But, 11 year old (Best flavour date 07 2006) Bailey’s Irish Cream, unopened, been refrigerated the whole time.

Any one want to take an over/under on its drinkability?

I suppose I could taste it, but I hate the stuff and don’t know how it’s supposed to taste anyway.

That by itself may be enough of a reason not to drink it.

It’s 17% alcohol, so I doubt it would grow anything, and it was refrigerated to boot. I don’t think it will harm you, but do report back on the effects, unless dead.
I recently drank a 30 year old bottle of wine that had been sitting on the shelf in my dining room for most of that time. The cork crumbled as I pulled it out, and it had turned a brownish-red color, but it actually tasted fine. I have no idea what it was supposed to taste like, but it was perfectly drinkable and no ill effects.

I’m guessing it’s undrinkable - possibly unpourable, as the cream may have set.

Wikipedia says 24 months shelf-life. I might go 6 months beyond that, but 11 years? Nope. When in doubt, toss it out.

I drank a 6-yr-old bottle of Bailey’s a couple years ago that was still perfectly fine. It’s a gamble.

If you don’t like it, why bother? Give it away to someone who likes it and is willing to risk disappointment.

I was gonna say … won’t kill you, but may not be ideal texturally. I had a five or six year old cream liqueur go chunky on me. It wasn’t refrigerated, but it wasn’t opened either.

Wait a minute…you hate the stuff, but don’t know what it tastes like? :confused:

I expect the fats will have gone rancid. It might still be safe, but just not nice

I tried it once about 25 years ago (30 years ago?) and was unimpressed enough to never have tried it again. I know vaguely what it tastes like, but I don’t think I could tell if it was off a bit. If it was chunky I think I would notice that.

Perhaps I will bring it to an upcoming event and see if I can get my brother or mother to give it a try. Or I’ll probably just throw it out.

Leave it on the doorstep of a frat house. It will be empty within a week.

Plus, curdled Bailey’s looks much the same after passing through an oesophagus twice.

I like Bailey’s, so if it were me I would open it and drink it unless it obviously looked/smelled bad. I know the smell test is far from infallible but in this case, a sealed bottle of that alcoholic strength is unlikely to have grown anything that will kill you. Even rancid milk/cream won’t generally make you ill as such, it just doesn’t taste good.

You’ve had an unopened bottle in your refrigerator for ELEVEN YEARS?

If it was a rare and/or expensive bottle of wine, maybe. But a cheap-ass bottle of mediocre Irish Cream? Why bother?

Well surely there’s some use for Irish whiskey flavored cream cheese? But not for drinking.

Chocolate flavour cream cheese exists, so why not?

If only it had been a waxed truckle of cheddar - it would be utterly amazing by now.


And I’ve had two new refrigerators in that time too. I think I got it as a gift when I hosted an open house and it’s just been transferred from fridge to fridge along the way. We were cleaning out the fridge last night and the Mr. asked if I wanted to keep it.

I had planned to bring it to an office pot-luck at the end of December just to get rid of it, and then noticed the date. :eek: So, perhaps I will bring a spinach artichoke dip instead.

How long have you had that?

Send it to me. I’ll let you know.

I’m guessing long enough that the spinach and artichokes grew directly out of the dip for great convenience. :eek:

We reeeeally need a good “Yuck” smilie.