Bailey's Irish Cream expires??

I was reading the bottle label today and it said something along the lines of : ideally consume before the date labeled. Well the date said Jan 1999. So did my unopened bottle go bad? What can happen to an old bottle of Bailey’s?

The cream inside will go bad eventually. I’ve had that happen to me, but it happened once the bottle had been open for a few months.

I don’t know if your unopened bottle is still okay, but I suppose you could always open it and take a sip. If it smells funny and/or tastes like sour milk is mixed in, you’ll have to toss it.

One thing that I know can happen is that the cream gets all chunky. I’ve known people who have still consumed it in this state to no ill effects, and said it tasted fine, but I wouldn’t try it myself.

If it sits long enough everything seperates out and the cream turns into a big lump in the bottom of the bottle. At that stage I think it’s best to just throw it out.

A customer of mine recently gifted me with 2 cases of MRE’s.

Well gifted, isnt quite the right word. Basicly he said these things are spoiled you wanna haul em to the dump for me?

The pack date was 1991. I just ate a pack of M+M’s that said “Proud sponponser of the 1992 Oympics”. Tasted just like M+M’s.

I did notice that the cocoa powder picked up a stale taste as did the cheese.

Im guessing milk products, no matter how well packaged lose some flavor over time.

I’m 99 percent sure that if it’s still sealed you’re OK. I’ve been in the booze biz for years and have never seen hard alcohol go bad to a point that it would make you sick. Super-sugary alcohols will lose their flavor (or, sometimes crystalize in the bottle). I’d say that if the consistancy and flavor are normal then go for it. The experation date is probably for bottles that have been opened.

Have you had drinks actually crystalise? I mean now you think about it its obvious but still sound cool. Could you make alcoholic sweets this way?

If in doubt, consult the source:

Okay, i think i’m safe. I put it in the fridge after i opened it. Next time i make a mudslide, i’ll taste-test a straight shot. And if it goes bad, well there’s always white russians.