111 Unununium


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I found this text in the Periodic Table of Elements of Sci-Fi.com, just to ask, what do you think? I didn’t catch the point of the unununyou backwards in time.

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The OP actually begins with a relatively good grasp of logic, but then loses focus and begins to judge conclusions based on “common sense”.

What a pity. He was doing so well.

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Unbridled semantics is the tool of the devil.

Do you sing “unununium” to the tune of “Su-su-sudio”?

Ununinium, Uuu
The -ium suffix denotes an element, as you say, but this format is Greek for onehundredandeleven-ium, or possibly onehundredelevenium in Americanese. Either way, 111-ium

Those clever old atomic physicists know that there are some places left on the periodic table which will be filled, with elements they predict to have atomic weights of 110, 111 and 112. But they haven’t got the firepower to do it yet.
Once they do, the elements will possibly be named to honour the clever person who managed to manufacture them for long enough for them to be detected and reported to IUPAC.

Until then, however, these putative elements are called onehundredandtenium - Uun, onehundredandelevenium - Uuu and onehundredandtwelveium - Uub.

As for the mirror - ROTFLMAO

But the real question is, was it unionized unununium?

And if so, which local did it belong to?


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