1111 help

I’ve been seeing the number 1111 (mainly on digital clocks) for many years and have branded it as mere coincidence. I believed my own subconcious played a role in remembering and putting significance on this number rather than remembering everytime I wasn’t seeing it. Such as the way phychics never take notice of the times their inner subtle predictions fail.

After a while I begun to research this and came across a bunch of new age stuff which turned me away, both of never citing references and pounding me with confusing information. On a good note I have found there are many bands that title a song 11:11. This told me there was something significant about this number, why no other?

Back to the present. Just today I experienced another 1111 episode which shook the barrier of coincidence. I was playing a videogame and decided to see how many experience points it took to level up, as you may have guessed: 1111. Keep in mind according to my level this was roughly about a 1 in 5000 chance of getting.

If this occurence is just something self propelled in culture, how is it I have experience this without ever hearing about it? I would really appreciate if you replied back.

I’ve noticed the same thing in my life, with the more sinister 666 appearing more often than pure chance suggests it should.

I decided to put this down to “discarding the negatives” rather than an infernal influence in my life.

We are hard-wired to recognize patterns.

The last Swiss Chalet restaurant I ate in was #1111.

I seem to see a lot of 4:20 everywhere.


I’m followed around by 10:13.

Let me guess: This happens twice a day?


This morning, my alpha-bits cereal spelled “oooooooo”.

After reading this thread, I looked at my clock and it said 11:38. Eerily close!

That just means your life is directed by George Lucas.

Peter, those are Cheerios.

Bands call songs 11:11? Huh.

When I was in a band in the 80s, we recorded an acoustic song called 11:11. We had already decided that it would be the first song on the tape. We decided to end the tape with another acoustic song. The recording of that was finished at 11:11am.

On Veteran’s Day. Weird.

When driving at night, the streetlights I am passing under blow out ALL THE TIME!! I KNOW!!

My number is 28. It’s everywhere! Even on ALL the calendars. You sure don’t find 29 everywhere.

According to IMDb, there are no fewer than four films called “11:11.” I haven’t seen any of them (well, one’s due out next year), but I did see “11:14,” and it’s pretty good.

And I keep seeing powers of 2. You know, numbers like 64 and 4096.


“I always catch the clock,
It’s 11:11,
Now you want to talk.
It’s not hard to dream,
You’ll always be my Konstantine.”

-Something Corporate - “Konstantine”

Wouldn’t it make more sense to watch the original ones first, rather than the sequels?

Nah, I saw Apollo 13 without seeing the first twelve.

I have had this “phenomenon” happen to me since I was very young, I am 37 now and I am reaching the height of my enlightened self, feeling as if I could explode, I have just recently began to understand 1111, with years of turning my cheek and making internal excuses for the occurrence some times more than a dozen times a day from various places.
It was only when I finally slowed my lifestyle down and started meditation that I realized it was a message from a higher source.
When I finally just simply asked from my HEART ( very important not your brain) I began to see other signs and seeing 1111 slowed, until I got off track and then they would appear again???

The other signs were simply lights going on and off, advanced learning and information being fed to me at what seems to be light speed, knowing things before they happen, the list goes on and on.

I have researched many avenues of secred geometry, quantum physics, and many angles of religion, ancient history culture to modern Gov looking for patterns and came up with a lot of different solutions that are right for me.

Bottom line listen with your Heart and ask your spirit guides who are just communicating to you on a binary level questions ask lots of questions and you WILL
Be guided to your answers, if you…sorry WHEN you finally make a connection with your heart and your guides HANG ON because you will be heading into a new dimension learning thing you never believed possible" infinite possibilities"

Please do not be disappointed if you do not really see 1111 or you guides do not directly show you signs because we all have this ability but we have been brainwashed that thinking these things, of acting on these topics makes you a outcast or crazy, be calm, find your center, breath, learn about opening your chakras( mer ka bah meditation and other forms of Solfeggio frequency meditation really help)

There are two emotions in this world LOVE and fear, STOP living in fear

Learn to release your ego, fear, judgement, hate.

If you want to see what is beyond this 3D existence and move into the 4th you must live with ethics not morals ( look up the difference ) and MOST important you must learn to live your life with coherence and LOVE everything.

learn to live in a love state and your angles with communicate a lot morn than the occasional 1111 here and there;)

Listen and remember what has been encoded into your heart from the beginning of creation.

Getting tired now had a long day of blessings, I LOVE YOU ALL

We are heading