$12 Billion in Aid Going to Farmers

What does everyone think about the $12 billion in aid that will be going to farmers hurt by the tariffs?

I’m against that. First, since trade wars are good and easy to win, the farmers shouldn’t need any help. Second, that’s $12 billion that could be used elsewhere – pay down debt, education, student loan relief, health care. Third, it’s such a transparent ploy to help his supporters.

When is Trump going to understand that he represents the whole country, not just his voters? (Answer, of course, is never – he really only represents himself anyway)

What are you talking about?

Sorry, hit submit too soon. It’s better fleshed out now.

Here’s a link:

I meant to also mention that farmers already get tons of aid, $20 billion according to this cite. (I don’t know how reliable that cite is, it was the first Google hit) So, this would be a substantial increase in aid to those farmers.

I know they are (mostly) men of the land, who live independent lives and never need no welfare or anything, but I wish they would start pulling themselves up here.

I also see a typo in the title. I’ll report my post. In my defense, I have 102 fever (Fahrenheit, thankfully).

Ok now I see. Sure, great idea, we’ll borrow the money from China. That’ll show them.

I wish those Chinese would pay off my student loan debt. :wink:

No no, Mexico is going to pay for it.

I’m pretty confident this $12 billion is either something that would have happened anyway (general aid to farmers being rebranded as trade war relief) or its something that Congress has to approve, which probably isn’t going to happen. I just can’t see Congress right now going on record to support Trump’s trade war and making it easier to fight: all the other industries being impacted will want their slice of help, and as a result, nobody will get anything.

Well, no, it is going to happen. The administration is drawing on some emergency fund.

Thank you, Bone, for fixing the title.

^ This.

How long ago was it that the “fiscal conservatives” were belly-aching and dooming-and-glooming over the National Debt when it went up during Obama’s term, but now they are silent.

The CCC has been paying out $10-20 billion per year for the last decade or so. I’m saying that it is entirely possible that the same $10-20 billion will be paid out, but rebranded as “#MAGAChinaSux” or something, or Congress is asked for something that won’t happen.

If CCC assistance goes up to ~$25-30 billion, then I will have to eat crow.

Welcome to the last 35 years of Republican politics.

How can anyone not see this as Trump admitting that the trade war is costing American farmers $12 billion?

Well, I wouldn’t not see that, but that doesn’t mean than I would.

I don’t assume that Trump has made any kind of assessment regarding how much damage he’s done. If the number is indicative of anything at all it’s based on what he thinks he can get away with - or, alternatively it’s the number that was already slated to be given to them, and all he’s doing now is taking undeserved credit for it.

So the farmers of America are going to be a bunch of welfare bums - moochers and takers, huh?

Oh, that’s right - they’re overwhelmingly white.

Well now, that’s different.

I never want to hear another Republican grouse about welfare spending.

Actually I didn’t want to anyway. Now I don’t want to hear it even more.

Red State farmers dependent on government handouts are much more dependable clients that farmers who make their own living.

Until we know how Cargill, Monsanto, General Foods weigh in on this, we won’t really know how this will impact the small family farmer.

The article seems to indicate that you’re exactly right. The money is coming from the Commodity Credit Corporation and does not authorize any new funds. Thus, Congress does not need to approve.

Even Trump supporting farmers in my neck of the woods “oppose” this. I put that in quotes, because if you take the money, did you really oppose it?


But yeah, Trump is a fucking genius, and trade wars are easy. Fuckstick.