13 year old beats Karpov in chess match!

New Grandmaster on the horizon?

I’m really more excited about a story farther down on the page: “Norway world leader in casual sex.”

Apart from casual sex it had this classic:

It was only speed chess, and Karpov is older and slower now. Still, quite a big deal.

Another story further down the page:
“Virtual Newspaper tries print”; sadly, no “customers complain about inky monitors”

Why does that kid still have to wait for his GM title? Give it to him now!

Ah yes, but can the kid beat NotQuiteKarpov?

Maybe hes a cyborg, or genetically modified, or both.

“speed chess” – Ha. Is that anything like PCP Chess, or Acid Chess? Sounds like fun. :smiley:

Disclaimer: Drugs are bad.

The kid beat Karpov playing “lightning chess,” in which each player has a total of 5 minutes to play the entire game. Later in the same tournament, Karpov beat the same kid in two “rapid chess” rounds, in which each player has a total of 30 minutes to play.

I think the fact I stumble across this thread the following week strongly suggests that speed *anything * is not my strong point! :smiley:

Apart from, maybe, speed orgasm :frowning:

that carlsen is good.

there was a game of his in the NYT chess column a couple weeks ago where he mangled a grandmaster. A very nice tactical win for him.

karpov is not what he used to be either but that kid could really be something.

from the OP cite…


We are talking a football player here being a chess grandmaster?!? This - from a sport where in England if you have a grade 5 CSE in metalwork you are known as the professor in the dressing room…

I knew the rest of Europe had an intellectual approach to the game but this takes the biscuit!