14 k of g in a f p d

What is the answer to this? It is one of those questions along the same lines of:

7 D in a W = 7 days in a week.

but I can’t figure it out, any ideas?

I would say, 14 karets of gold in a…something or other. I’m coming up blank on the last bit.

I’m tempted to say “14 kinds of” but am drawing a blank (probably a quantity that is unique without being self-evident).


Interesting guess, but it doesn’t quite rings true. We say “14-karat gold,” not 14 karats of gold." And these things are usually pretty accurate in their idiom.

I’ll guess “14 kinds of” something.

All I could come up with was something to do with teeth, where f p d refers to “fixed partial denture”. This is only marginally backed up by the fact that I have 14 teeth on each jaw (not including my partially erupted molars). I can’t figure out what the k and g could stand for though, I am probably barking up the wrong tree as these sorts of questions aren’t usually so obscure.

hmm, guess you’re right about that. What about 14 kilos of something or other.

Working on the Fs…in a free…in a full…in a five/four/fourteen/forty…

C’mon…can’t we just make something up.

14 Kilos of grass in a frat party dorm

14 kinds of gin in a filthy puking dame

14 knights of Gelderland in a furious pitiful dump

14 knees of goose in a full plated dinner

Where did you see the puzzle, mittu?

14 kings of Germany?

14 kinds of grapes in a french Dom Perignon?

Damn, forgot it was p d

I think the key is to figure out what “f p d” stands for.

I’m thinking along the lines of “14 kinds of <g> in a full poker deck”, where there are 13 ranks (Ace through 2) plus a Joker to make 14, but I can’t think of what the “g” might stand for.

“Grade” is not a term I have ever heard used for card rankings, though I will note that the last time I did a quiz like this it was written by someone in the UK and included some “Britishisms” that took me quite some time to work through (for example, references to the number of bowls in an inning of cricket, or something like that), so maybe there is a standard British term for a card ranking that starts with “g”?

Then again I’ve read plenty of bridge books written by Brits and nothing comes to my mind, so maybe I’m totally barking up the wrong tree here.

14 kegs of Grolsch in a full pub’s draught?

14 kinds of goat in a fucked-up pornographic Dopefest.

kinds of grass in a fully packed dooby?

“full pinochle deck,” might be more likely than “full poker deck,” since a pinochle deck is something specific and a poker deck is just a deck of cards. Still no idea what K of G would be, though. There are 8 kings, not 14. None of the Kings are in suits beginning with the letter G.

Is there any other kind?

Fourteen kings of 'Gypt in a fine Ptolemic dynasty.