14th Human Foot washes ashore

Are they going to form some sort of sole train?

While perhaps we should kick the habit, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

So, the seabed off British Columbia is littered with human feet still encased in oxfords and black pumps?

IOW, what you’re saying is wearing Florsheims or Louboutin‎s, but not Nikes, is causing the sea level to rise one foot at a time.

Wow. All these tasteless puns making light of human misery.


How dirty is that Canadian shore that it takes 14 feet to wash it?

Isn’t foot washing a religious thing? Maybe this is a sole cleansing attempt.

I know, right! Or was it left? Give’m an inch and they’ll take a foot. Of course, you shouldn’t judge people until you’ve walked a a mile in their shoe.

It all starts with just one step…

They all fell off a yacht, that was 426.72 cm long.

That’s just a boat; to be a yacht it has to be at least a foot longer.

I thought it was only left feet. Your question didn’t get answered, so I guess I need to check.

Well, that was fast. Wikipedia has a table. It’s only 14 if you restrict yourself to the Canadian side of the bay. There were also 5 in the US.

And they all belonged to women named Ilene.

Oh come on.

Neil lost both if his.

If they were all in running shoes, clearly they are all athlete’s feet.

Oh skip it!

There is along list of people that the next one could belong to -Where is Mona? She’s long gone. Where is Mary?

You people disgust me. I’m leaving here to go eat at McD’s under the golden arches.

Oh, loosen up and don’t be so strait-laced.