14th Human Foot washes ashore

A 14th human foot — this one in a hiking boot — washes ashore in Canada

Seriously, wasn’t this a Bones episode?

Damn! I should follow Canadian news more. I missed out on the first 13.

So many questions – do these feet belong to seven people? Do any two of them belong to the same person? What’s the distribution of left and right feet? What’s the distribution of male vs. female? What’s the distribution of different races?

At least it’s no longer an unlucky number.

The police need to hop right on this.


Like did they all wash up in one foot waves?
[del]D & R[/del] swims away

The game is afoot.

probably caught up in the under toe

I’ve sort of loosely followed this story over the years, but had forgotten about it. Interesting that it’s still ongoing. Ok so serial killer or North Koreans that made it really far?

It’s time you’re all brought to heel.

Sounds like the work of an arch villain. The authorities should take steps to nail the heel responsible.

On a slightly more serious note, perhaps this is the sharks’ way of sending us a message?

A mad pedicurist, no doubt.

Somewhere, someone yelled “BINGO!”.

Is this the same place where all the right feet washed up on one beach, and all the left feet on another? Or did I just imagine that detail?

At first I misread the thread title as being about a 14-foot human, which was even more intriguing.

Who’s going to doggedly pursue us?

A Blue Heeler.

I think the investigators started off on the right foot, but became rather footloose, and now the shoe is on the other foot.

You lousy punsters should all get the boot.

If the shoe fits…

The rest of the human centipede will wash ashore eventually.

They definately need to get all boots on the ground on this one.