16-foot-Snake Caught Eating Rabbits

Story here. Complete with photo. More like 16.4 feet, which is about what five meters equals.

This is close to Bangkok. Welcome to Thailand! :smiley:

EDIT: Don’t worry, the photo is just of the snake extended, not of it eating rabbits.

Nice to see they didn’t kill the snake for simply doing what snakes do…

The link seems to show a Reticulated Python, not a Boa Constrictor as the story claims. That makes sense since the python is native there while boas are South American. Sixteen feet plus isn’t an unusual size for a Retic. I had one that big on display for several years. Nice that they aren’t killing it out of hand!

Do large snakes like that have any predators?

Bigger snakes.

Not usually. A crocodilian or big cat might be able to take one, but the risk/reward wouldn’t typically be worth it. It seems to happen from time to time, but probably isn’t common ( and in the reverse, as big constrictors would be just as likely to eat said predators if they could ).

The snake got off easy. I distinctly recall someone capturing a large albeit smaller snake near an informal gathering I was attending when I was living in the North. It got turned into snake soup, pronto.