Giant snake strangles its owner



Yup, that happened in my hometown. This is why I have beagles. For all their little quirks, they’ve NEVER tried to strangle me to death.

For years Ted lovingly fed, cared for, and lavished affection on his pet boa.

And for years, the boa patiently thought to itself, “Man, I can’t wait until I’m big enough to kill this guy and eat him.”

Well I already started a thread speculating the my cat wants to eat me. Fortunatly I don’t think she can get her paws around my neck. Although I have woke up with her lying on my head…hmmmm…

Were you feeding the beagles to the snake?

I believe it. I’ve had my ears start to ring and got a bit lightheaded just from Slim, our little seven footer. I won’t allow Lydia, the nine foot boa, to get completely around my neck.

I know someone who had a run in with a twenty foot python that grabbed his hands, swallowed up to his elbows and dislocated both shoulders. The way he got loose was by rolling into the bathtub and turning on the hot water with his foot. The snake didn’t like that much and let go. Of course if he hadn’t been dumb enough to sit in front of the snake with his hands together and smelling of guinea pig, he wouldn’t have had the problem in the first place.

These animals demand a lot of respect. If you look and smell like dinner, dinner you may become! It’s a good thing I was taught that lesson by a three foot kingsnake, not a three metre boa. I finally had to get the boss to prythat little begger off my thumb!


J’espére que vous etes en bonne santé.

I think this is a clear case of a mislabelled product. You would think that the constrictor part of the name would prevent owners from putting the snake around their necks. However the initial boa bit puts the defenseless owner at ease and he foolishly drapes the “boa” around his neck. I believe they should be renamed the crush the fucking life out of you constrictor to prevent further accidents.

My brother owns one. :rolleyes:

Mom won’t visit his house. :smack:

They had some snake show on TV the other day relating similar, slithery, stranglings and serpentine mishaps. The one thing that I kept wondering was, If you somehow managed to kill the snake that was constricting around your neck, ya know, like cutting its head off with a knife or scissors, would it stop constricting and let loose its deathold? Or, would it continue constricting in death and kill you regardless? What’s the best thing to do in this situation?

This reminds me of an incident from about 10 years ago, in Providence, RI. A man was keeping a pet monitor lizard in his aprtment-one day, he let the thing out and it promptly fastened its jaws around the man’s head-the sreams aroused the landlay, who called the police. the cops could’nt manage to make the lizard let go, so they shot the thing dead! The lizard owner was pissed off at the cops!
Reptiles as pets? A reptile sees you as lunch!

Snake owners, please answer this question: Why?

I don’t mean to be rude-- honestly. Sure, they’re lovely, majestic creatures, but I’ve just never understood the appeal of owning a huge snake.

Does it love you? Is it delighted to see you when you come home? Do they have personalities?

What’s it like having a pet which may kill you if you smell yummy?

Do you ever imagine that it wishes it was slithering around in the Congo? Is it happy being captive? Does it need room to . . . er . . . stretch out?

Do you play with it?

I’ve often wondered the same thing. I’m afraid that for a few of these guys, they harbor a secret fantasy that one day they’re going to have a girlfriend who looks like Nastassja Kinski, circa 1980… even though their owning a gigantic pet snake pretty much precludes that possibility.

Is a big snake a babe magnet?

Sounds like a Larson cartoon.

Lissa, because they’re neato. All snakes are neat, big ones are more-so. I’ve had a Burmese python and a boa constrictor. There are several types of large snake that I wouldn’t own, because they’re difficult to handle and/or ill-tempered, but boas and Burmese are pretty mellow.

They do have personalities, but not like a dog or cat. As far as I can tell, they don’t love you nor care when you come home. They do seem to differentiate between people, however (e.g., recognize their handler). No, I don’t think they have enough imagination to wish they were elsewhere, especially the domestically-bred ones. I do think they’re pretty happy when they’re well cared for.

They do need room to stretch out, which requires a pretty big cage. I’ve had one snake that stayed in her tank except when I took her out, and one that pretty much roamed the house. I played with both of them, took them places (they’re a big hit at the local ren-faire), etc. Some people wouldn’t come over to my house with a snake there; others got over life-long snake phobias by handling mine.

I grew up with large dogs, which could also kill me if they wanted to. You take different precautions with snakes than with dogs, but the principle is the same - don’t count on animals not being animals. Generally, problems are caused by idiot owners.

You don’t let a large snake (more than a couple-three feet) wrap your neck - they can easily kill you accidentally and without intending to. You don’t handle very large snakes (over about 8 or 9 feet) alone, because they’re stronger than you are and could hurt you if they decided to. You don’t play with a snake when you smell like food, and you’re careful handling a hungry snake because they’ll bite if you move too fast. (I’ve had snakes both bite-and-release when they realized that I wasn’t food, and bite-hold-and-wrap when they were serious. There are some tricks that make removal easier in the latter case, but it’s still not much fun. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt much worse than a catbite, and I’ve had a few of those, too.) I generally tried to keep my snakes fat and happy, so I didn’t have to worry about them hunting me. :wink:

This happened to a guy in the Bronx when I was living there. The way they told it, the owner brought home a live chicken and the snake got so excited from the smell it smushed the owner.

Redtail23 is correct (From your name I always wondered if you were a fan of the Boa constrictor imperator or the Tuskeegee Airmen.)

I have snakes, the largest being a five foot Dumeril’s boa. He’s a captive bred snake, his ancestors came from Madagascar. He has about a foot to go in length before he just starts getting wider. I also have a couple of corn snakes. Those are entry level snakes, and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. That variety is available because they have been bred as captives for so long the recessive traits that would get them eaten in the wild are not weeded out. It appears the colors and patterns are not linked to other traits that are bad for the snake, as opposed to. say, the liver color that shows up in German shepherds and is pretty much a death sentence.

Each of the three has a unique personality. Granted the variance is not as wide as with dogs, but still, I can predict a lot from how any one acts at a given time.

Both corns have bitten me, and it’s a shock. A snake bite is probably one of those cultural things we are taught to fear the most. In both cases it barely drew blood, and it was surprise more than pain that made me pull my hand back.

As to why I keep them, I just love to watch them move. I am still fascinated that a snake can crawl on his belly while holding up 30% of his body, and do it all with no legs. And feeling the muscles work as they crawl up your arm is, sorry, I don’t have the vocabulary to describe how the subtle constricting and relaxing feels as one moves up your arm other than to say “It’s cool.”

And for things that eat rodents, you would probably be amazed at how picky they can be. I overstocked on rats, and the boa won’t eat them because they got freezer burned. He did not eat for over a month before I realized what had happened. He did not lose weight, so it was not serious. Restocking in a smaller quantity next time.

Because somebody has to say it-phallic symbol.

Why don’t you give him live rats? Snakes only eat every couple of weeks, right? If I had a snake, I’d go buy him a nice, fat, juicy live rat from the pet store, bring it home in a box and dump it in his tank so that the snake could have the fun of catching and squeezing his own dinner.

Is it a convenience thing or do captive-born snakes not like live rats (having been raised on dead ones)?