1600 for a cat converter, flex hose, and o2 sensor?

Hey guys,

Doing my best to learn a little bit more about cars, but I’m kind of clueless right now and wasn’t sure where else to go.

I have an '02 Nissan Altima. It started off with a bit of of a high-pitch whine after my father had taken it to work on Sunday, and it turned into sounding like the muffler had a hole as of yesterday. After some looking underneath, I noticed an O2 sensor hanging low, but when I placed it back to where it came from, the noise stops, but it inevitably starts again when it bounces out.

When I took it into a shop, I was told I need a new cat converter, a new o2 sensor, and a flex hose for a total of $1575. They said they have to go to Nissan for the parts.

To me, it just seems ridiculously expensive when cat converters and o2 sensors can be had online for $250, but, like I said, I don’t know too much about cars, so any further insight is appreciated.

If they have to go to Nissan for the parts, you might as well take it to a dealership and get a quote from them. More than likely, they’re getting their Nissan parts right from the Nissan dealership in town. Granted, you’ll probably pay about the same thing, but the hourly rates might be different and the Nissan dealer might (or might not) be more reputable and/or can fix the car in less time. Even if they’re charging you $1000 for the parts, I don’t think it should take them 5 hours worth of labor.
I’d get another quote (from a dealer) and if it’s about the same go wherever you’re more comfortable.

I am assuming that includes labor. If so, it sounds like a pretty good deal. On this site, they report an average cost of $2358.

You should probably not drive it until it gets fixed. Some of the reports on that site mention having to replace the engine because somehow the bad catalytic converter damaged the engine. I am not sure how, but engine replacement is much more expensive.

Think of it as $100 a month for 16 months. Much less than a car note.

4-cylinder or 6-cylinder. Sounds high but not too high.

catalytic converters are expensive because they rely on precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. And those cheap online ones aren’t guaranteed to work well enough to keep the check engine light from coming on.

I had to take it to work…no choice there, but I probably won’t be driving it until it gets fixed from here on out.

There was a recall on this model and the converters, but I don’t know if it was ever replaced by my grandfather, who was the previous owner. Only 56k miles, too…

I’m going to take it to another mechanic that a few people have said is very reputable and reliable here in town just to get a second opinion. Other than that, I’ll check with the dealer.

I thought about trading in the car and just making some kind of down payment, but I don’t know. Lot to consider.

Thanks for the responses, guys.

I had a catalytic converter and two oxy sensors replaced two months ago on my 2004Honda Accord. One hour labor–$80. Out the door price–$700.

With the flex pipe I could certainly see $1000 or more.

If that is the case, go here and see if the recall was done: