17/23 correlation?

What exactly is up with the illuminati’s 17/23 correlation? What is it?

They have a fetish for prime numbers? What in the hell are you talking about?

Cecil touches on this subject.

So, he don’t know either.

17/23 correlation: 7-1=6, the difference b/w 23 and 17.

okele dokele neighbor

But… how does that apply to anything?

I didn’t mean that to sound as rude as it did! What I meant is that I don’t see how the numbers, even though they fit together cleverly, mean anything.


Simple, 17/23 refers to [deleted by the Illuminati]

Wow! That’s amaaazing!

Wat about the 17/23/911 correlation?
7 (from the 17) + 2 (from the 23) = 9
3 - 2 = 1
And then there’s the 1 from the 17 that we haven’t used yet.
9 1 1

If knowing the revelance is what you want, you’ll just have to do without.