The 17/23 correlation?

Could he have meant the 17/29 correlation?

That is, 1729 is the Hardy–Ramanujan number.

At first, I thought he was misinterpreting it as part of the Fibonacci Series (which it obviously isn’t, but you know how people misread things).

Then, I typed in 23/17ths into a search engine and got this:

Something about a 23 Enigma. look about halfway into the first paragraph of this subsection.

See also:

Still makes no sense, but at least we can say he typed in a number “correlation” that actually has some people interested in it.

Oddly enough, just typing in these links slows my computer and internet connection significantly. :eek:

The game Deus Ex, which features the Illuminati, has a character that finds multiples of 17 and 23 in a piece of nanotechnology, and mentions that this is a signature of the Illuminati as 1723 is the birth year of founder Adam Weishaupt.

The strange part is that Weishaupt was actually born in 1748. So either Kadmon and the game designers have the same faulty source of information, or Kadmon derived his information from the game (it’s over a decade old), or this is just an odd coincidence.

Or heck, maybe the game designers read the Straight Dope and got their information from the letter…

17? 23? Don’t you see? It’s all Moleeds.