17 year locusts (cicadas, if you prefer)

I had no idea there could be plagues of cicadas. We have them every summer and I hadn’t noticed there being more in some years than others. It makes me realise that summer is here!

I don’t get it. How could they be inside the perimeter!?! How could they be inside the perimeter. Game over man!!!

I adore cicadas! Just love their body style, their singing, and their bizarre life-cycle. 13/17 years living in the dirt, then a few months of flying around, making an amazing racket that pierces everyone in order to make more cicadas. How wonderfully strange!

My favorite cicada experience: Sitting outside one southern summer night, I paid attention to the cicada hum, and really listened to it. It was a complex call and response, coming in waves, layered, reminding me of African drum patterns. Quite enjoyable. An ambulance, siren blasting, passed, and the cicada drone stopped completely for a minute. Dead silence. It was as if the cicadas were considering what kind of humdinger bug made That Statement. They started back up to their regular pitch slowly, then commenced their music.

Right now, coming through my window, there is a symphony of frogs croaking and some kind of bug clicking it’s legs. The coming cicadas will add the perfect high pitch. Perhaps listening to this multi-layered call is where we got our first ideas about music.

I see them every year as well, both here and in CT, where I grew up. I honestly can’t remember any years where it seemed there were more than others.

I also love their droning. It’s the ultimate summer sound, to me.

I wasn’t here for any of the previous infestations. Do you have to carry an umbrella with you at all times, using it as a shield? Should I bring Raid with me, too?