17-year-old dies of old age

Sam Berns, featured in Life According To Sam, has died of progeria, a rare, premature aging disease. He was 17.

I watched the documentary awhile back. Sam was an amazing kid.

It probably helped that nobody tried to hold him back. He wanted to play drums in the marching band, but the drums were too heavy and his shoulders were too sloped for him to carry them comfortably. So they rigged a special harness for him, and he marched and played the drums.

So sad…is there a genetic analog condition that results in extremely slow aging?


There is, and it’s no good, either. There is a story somewhere of this little girl who is stalled at toddlerhood. She’s 21, but has only developed to about the age, physical and mental, of a 3-year-old.

She is being studied by anti-aging people.

Brooke Greenberg, who I believe the previous two posters were referencing, died in October 2013.

Geez, and I thought this was about a Star Trek episode.

Jesus, that photograph is heartbreaking. Don’t think I’d ever make it through watching the film.

The Boston Herald says that there are around 250 kids living with Progeria at any given time. Thank Cecil it’s extremely rare.