18 dead in School shooting in Germany

What the hell is going on in the world?

Wow! It’s like everybody’s getting a chnce to say “I never thought it would happen here.” Scary.


Its been reported on other sites that the gunmen were former pupils, and that a sign with “Help” written on it was visible in one of the windows.

this is just sad beyond words…

I join in mourning with my fellow German-Americans! Ein letzter Gruß aus Amerika, Kinder!

Tears here in Dallas, Georgia today.


I’ve been hearing about it on the radio. Now here is the BBC news story http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/europe/newsid_1952000/1952869.stm
Pupils are still trapped in the building. Hastily scrawled “help” signs were seen at windows. One gunman is an expelled pupil, and is now dead. The other is a current pupil and is still in the building.

I loathe myself for my first reaction, which was, “Oh good, the world will know it’s not the just the U.S. that has these f*cked up things happen.”

Cranky, humanitarian of the year. I’m going to go slap myself.

“What the hell is going on in the world?”

—Same things that have always gone on in the world, except now we have access to guns and bombs and planes instead of the old-fashioned clubs and spears and arrows.

That is horrible. Every now and then when I forget how horrible people can be, something comes along to remind me.

I just spoke with a German colleague (he’s based in Switzerland) and they haven’t even heard about this yet.

I know we all had a right to know about Columbine but when I first heard the news, my immediate reaction was that somebody somewhere will see the amount of publicity this has garnered and replicate the event.

Unfortunately, some elements of the human race just can’t handle the hurdles.


Sometimes I have to wonder why I’m trying to get pregnant.



No words. My goodness… 20 kids still in that school. Let’s hope they make it out safely.

They were trying to replicate Columbine? Are you freaking mental?

Keep trying jarbabyj, your child might someday make the world a better place.



I agree with Eve. Not saying the world is going down the toilet only recently, what with wonderful killing technologies, but that things are always bad in one way or the other.

When I read the headline, yes, I’m sorry it happened, but I sat back and tried to think of a “Better Time” when all this violence didn’t happen.

Couldn’t do it.

Man has always been and will always be it’s own worst enemy.

I know that Gorgon, you’re quite right. But these reminders of just how stupid we are are getting closer and closer together.
I wonder who they are going to try to blame this time.

Is Marilyn Manson still scaring Authorities?

No he isn’t. I have to say that one of the things that have bothered me about this type of action the most since they began is these are young kids who are so angry they are willing to give up their own lives to violent deaths. Personally, I’m deathly afraid of dying, so I can’t imagine why they would want to die young.
Admittedly, something I said to my wife pertaining to Columbine was, “I don’t understand it: These kids were supposed to be the biggest geeks in their school, always made fun of and terribly unpopular. Yet, they went and did all this knowing they would die before Episode I was released!”

Well, this isn’t the first shooting like this in Germany. The news sources mention one in February, but I’m pretty damned sure there were one or two of these last year or the year before in Germany, FYI…

From the AP—“The death toll exceeded the April 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., where 13 people and the two teen-aged gunmen died, and matched that of a 1996 shooting at an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland, where 16 children, a teacher and the gunman died.”

WELL. I guess that’ll show US.

I hope the Christian Right doesn’t piss on the graves of the dead with the “they took God out of German schools!” bull.