18th Annual Super Bowl Early Picks Thread

RIght, of course. I still want the Bills in my heart.

In one weekend I went from totally in to totally out. :frowning:

Um, did I win?

You’re the only one with Bucs/Chiefs so I imagine you did. Well done.

Except if the Chiefs win.

I’m the only one who got both teams correct. I don’t need the Chiefs to win the Superb Owl in order to win the contest if I understand the rules.

Getting both teams correct beats winner and a no show:

It’s always been that way.

Congrats to Telemark!

Yes, congrats to Telemark for being the only perso nto select both teams in the Super Bowl. I can’t believe how many people (including myself) doubted Brady still had it in him. Since it’s no fun to end this two weeks early, the Super Bowl will determine the first runner-up from the following based on the right winner and closest to the actual score:

MrKnowItAll: Buccaneers 30, Ravens 13
hajario: Buccaneers 34, Steelers 28
Munch: Chiefs 38, Packers 28
Oredigger77: Chiefs 27, Packers 24
Railer13: Chiefs 34, Packers 20
mikecurtis: Chiefs 31, Packers 28
borschevsky: Chiefs 37, Packers 31
Fear_the_Turtle: Chiefs 31, Packers 27
asahi: Chiefs 34, Packers 31
minlokwat: Chiefs 38, Packers 31
zimaane: Chiefs 33, Saints 26
BippityBoppityBoo: Chiefs 28, Saints 24

I didn’t doubt that Brady would make it competitive, especially since they had already played before; I just thought Aaron Rodgers and the Packers would play better on offense. Didn’t happen. I also really, really don’t understand the ‘analytics’ of taking the ball out of the hands of your organization’s most valuable player of the last 10-15 years. I think that’s a potentially career-altering decision for Lafleur.

Not to make excuses for the Packers, but I think the officiating of the passing game was pretty bad. They ‘let the Bucs defenders play’ all game long – which is fine. But then they call the hold on GB late. I get that it was a visually obvious jersey jerk, but the officials should have cracked down on some of the hand checking and grabbing. I think the Packers can legitimately complain about getting jobbed a few times.

That went both ways. Two of Brady’s interceptions were due to Packers defenders doing some hand checking and grabbing. The bomb Brady threw on the play before his first pick could also have been called for pass interference.

The PI and reception rules are a mess of gordian proportions.

I’ve not been watching as much NFL over the last few years, but I seem to recall that DBs could bump or check WRs and rough house with them in the first 5 yards, but then refs would call pretty much anything after that unless it was “incidental”. Is that the deal now?

Some contact seems to be allowed. A CB or safety can become somewhat entangled, but if he is not looking for the ball, and the ball is realistically catchable, pushing or knocking a receiver off course (e.g., timing route) will often draw the flag. By the same token, WRs are not allowed to push defenders out of the way. And then there is the notorious pick play, where a WR takes out a defender away from the ball who could have been making a play on the receiver.

Some years ago, I saw an int that looked highly questionable to me: the defender made a diving catch that carried the ball into the ground – even though he caught the ball and came up with it, I felt that a catch should not allow the ball to touch the turf like that. But what do I know. I was a tad biased at the time.

So yeah, the rules are what the zebras decide they are. It can be confounding.

Just to be clear, the tiebreakers now are:

  1. Picked the winner correct
  2. Closest to the winner score
  3. Closest to the loser score
  4. Closest to predicted margin of victory

Do I have that correct?

Not your answer @telemark, but, I’m hoping for a good game!

1 Picked winner correctly
2 Closest to individual scores
3 Closest to predicted margin of victory

So for number two, it the absolute difference from each score added together.
If the final score is 31, 20 and someone guessed 27, 24, it’s |(31-27)|+|(20-24)|=8

I suspect that telemark may, possibly, have picked the winner as well. Still time for a comeback, though …

Congrats, Telemark! I’ll be thrilled with a second place finish. That may be the best I’ve ever done.

Well done everyone!

You nailed it except you gave KC too much credit (understandably), otherwise you’re a prophet.