19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia

Admit it, who else is watching? :o I really can’t resist watching the travel ones. Jim-Bob in Mainland China should be especially interesting. I wonder if they visit Mao’s tomb.

I used to watch them from time to time. Pretty fascinating stuff for a childless only child.

They’re not planning on having any more kids, are they? Or have they not said?

AFAIK, they don’t plan anything. They just have sex and whatever happens, happens.

They went to Asia? Don’t they know they’ll be outnumbered?!

They’re having a 3rd grandchild.

In Asia? They’re outsourcing, now?

:smiley: Nope, the oldest son and his wife are.

Cue jokes relating to the One Child Policy.

It occurred to me that with the problems with the last pregnancy, they might go out and buy a box of condoms.

Nope. Condoms are an attempt to defy the Will of God.

Interesting how they didn’t even mention the word geisha even when the girls dressed up like them. Yes, I know geisha are entertainers, not prostitutes, but it was still funny to watch. So was Jim Bob defaulting to (bad) Spanish. And how did Anna expect to be able to read the pregnancy test when she can’t even tell if it is a pregnancy test? :dubious:

The China episode is airing tonight.

I really don’t know what’s worse, their cavalier “we’ll have kids until they start dying in the womb or shortly thereafter” or the Dad’s ability to support such a carnival of procreation.

The guy that essentially says “We have sex all the time, and then have babies until God says they die, or there stops being more babies” has a job that can support his circus of “let’s leave the responsibility matter to the Lord” kids.

Of course there’s a show about this freak family who would be out of place in any major US city, going abroad and being shell-shocked about how things are different!

Call me a hater, pessimist, or liberal alarmist, but what scares me the most about them is that they’re breeding VOTERS.

Fringe, full quiver, scary Christian, insane, over the top, whatever. That family has a HUGE family tree that will eventually dictate (via ballots, friends, and other means) the way that laws are written in their state, and then the nation, maybe.

Yeah, the guy that has the freakishly large family may be dictating what is and isn’t legal some day.

I choose rational thought over that bullshit. I may be in the minority there, and if so, I hope I have a quick death.

You do realize that the corollary to that is exactly what many other people fear…not just that the extreme conservative religious are having large families, but that the liberal, forward-thinking, educated and innovative folk are NOT having children, or not having ENOUGH children. If the intelligent, educated, high-earning and progressive thinking people of the world limit themselves to none or one or two children, they stand no chance of gaining headway against those people who have three, four or five children, if you think that children always believe and vote as their parents do. It’s simple math, really, and you would think the smart people of the world would have figured that out, but apparently not.

Social commentary aside, I chanced to watch a portion of the show last night while insomnia was ruling my life, and I wondered if they addressed the One Child rule at all? I was vaguely uncomfortable with the flaunting of the “Look, we are allowed to have as many children as we like!” aspect of their visit and lo and behold, a member of their crew actually had a baby while they were there! I thought the one Chinese woman they did a headshot interview with was very diplomatic in saying that she thought (vaguely remembering this) having that many children must be a real challenge. I found the “Snack Alley” portion cringe-worthy enough that I changed the channel at the point of eating scorpions.

Nope, they never mentioned the One Child Policy which I thought was very strange.

The Chinese didn’t want to showcase American productivity. This one American couple can do the work of 38 Chinese people.

I heard JimBob (really?? JIMBOB??) say they deliberately downplay the religion for the sake of bringing in a larger audience.


The first five or ten minutes of “Idiocracy” sums that up pretty well. :smiley:

I can’t help but smile whenever I see this family in the news. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
God bless you and them always!!!
P.S. 19 is still how many kids that Michelle and Jim Bob have so far, right? For some reason, 20 keeps sticking out in my mind.

“The Duggers do Asia” is clearly a porn title from the late 90’s about a gang-bang featuring Asia Carrera.