1920's Style Death Ray mentioned on Mythbusters

In this weeks episode Adam and Jamie were investigating Tesla’s “Earthquake Machine.” In the course of their research they made numerous mentions of his Death Ray (neglecting to mention the 1920’s style part). Is this the work of Q.E.D. finally making it to the air?

The rest of the segment was dealing with harmonics and an oscillation generator. Meanwhile the bulid team was working on exploding Lava Lamps.

It was an intersting episode, but Death Ray immediately made me think of this place.


It would have been really cool if, during their “buried alive” experiment, Adam had sat up in the coffin and said “Gotcha Ya!” Perhaps QED can push for these in a future segment?

Too bad they didn’t actually go with the full “1920’s Style”. I’ve pretty much decided that if I’m ever in the public eye (even if it’s just on the small town local news) I’m gonna find some way to insert a explicit SDMB reference.

Just to make sure the world knows that while we may number few, our influence is huge.


I would really be surprised if Jamie and Adam weren’t at least regular readers if not members. I can’t remember the member’s name, but one of us Dopers have pictures of themselves hanging out with Jamie, Adam and Carrie. Hard to believe the SDMB wouldn’t come up in conversation.

But, if I were a celebrity, there’s no way I’d reveal it here. Likely, we’ll never know. (But I got $5 on it.)

Little known fact: the phrase “death ray” actually existed before it was ever used on the SDMB! No, really!

“I’d like to thank the academy for this Oscar. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve pursued a career in acting with the focus of a 1920’s Style Death Ray. And although sometimes my path has been as hard as a Dorrance stainless steel hook, I have put my trust in Og that I could make it. To those who doubted me, I say: Gotcha Ya. Thank you; good night; hi, Opal.”

I coined the phrase in 1960. It was at the bottom of the Mariana’s Trench and I was only there for 20 minutes.

I’m pretty sure Duran Duran wrote a song about that, actually.

Did it also involve “I burning your dog”?

I think they might have done that whilst testing microwave myths back in season 1.

In two seperate episodes of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie tested the Archimedes Death Ray Myth, a myth that Archimedes developed a system of mirrors which would burn a ship. I guess you could call that a 3rd century B.C.-style death ray.

Is it unwise to confess that one has never seen this “Mythbusters” of which you all speak so fondly? Thought so. :frowning:


It’s Kari. Lovely Kari. I met and spoke with Jamie, but didn’t get any pictures of myself with him. Here’s a picture I took of him.

You know, actually it didn’t. Sorry.

This might be of interest: Archimedes death ray:Idea feasibility testing.

An MIT engineering class did a project where they tried out Archimedes ship burning mirror idea. Very interesting stuff.

Actually, I’ve found that in the real world, the influence of the SDMB is pretty much restricted to other SDMB members. :rolleyes:

Yeah, we know:

(from the first paragraph of your link.)

What, you expect me to read this stuff?

I was actually haning out with a fellow Doper last night, and as we drove by M5 Industries, he reminded me of his brush with Mythbusters fame:

They’ve started showing (what I assume is) the first season on BBC2 recently. I don’t know if it’s shown up there, though.

I met the guy who sets the questions for BBC’s myth busting quiz QI, and he told me he uses sdmb.com as a primary reference.