1920s style death rays? HALL OF FAME NOMINATIONS

All right, I forked out for a membership about a month and a half ago, and it’s totally been worth it. Y’all are pathetically smart, just like me! But after weeks of trawling through the search engine and old threads, there’s one kernel of knowledge that’s still eluding me.

“Hi Opal!” – got it.

“Graped by the Grapist?” Got it.

“I burning your dog!” Got it.

“Band name?” Got it.

But damn if I can’t find the OP for the “1920s style death rays!” in-joke. I’ve been looking for it for weeks, and nada. Zip. Zilch. It is nowhere to be found. The thread, it seems, has passed on into the great hereafter (unless, of course, it’s just pining for the fjords, in which case it would be appreciated if someone would point me to it).

So – what’s up with the mad 1920’s style death rays, folks? Because I am dying to have this itch scratched.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Ah, that’s the stuff!

Thanks muchly.

Just in case you ever get curious, here’s where “Gotcha Ya!” comes from.

I really think there should be a “Hall of Fame” sticky here.

We’re working on revising the stickies, and “Hall of Fame” sounds like a good title. Other nominations, anyone?

We have Tracy Lord and C K Dexter Haven in the same thread—anyone up to changing his name to Mike Connor?

Yeah, but what I really want to know is where the deepest part of the ocean is, has man visited it, when, and for how long? Anyone know that?


And what was that third word ending in _gry?

I love the idea of a Hall of Fame sticky. However, I’d hate to be the mod/admin that had to decide which threads get linked there. Or will it be links contributed by us?

I like “Hall of Fame” OK for a title but it seems to lack the creativity found on this board. I’m hoping some of our more, uh, talented Dopers will stop by and give us their words of wisdom.

Yay! That sounds like a great idea. lno’s rage burning with the fire of a million suns has to be there.

“Classic (but not necessarily Classy) Threads” is a possibility.

More important than the title though, is how the sticky is created. I think a single moderator should create a post containing links and if necessary, an explanation, of the Hall of Fame entries.

A long thread of posts by members would end up with a lot of redundancy and potentially frivolous or unqualified entries. We need this to be, well, moderated.

Needless to say, the members should be able to nominate threads for inclusion into the Hall of Fame. The moderator(s) in charge would need to make the appropriate decision regarding whether or not the nomination meets the criteria for inclusion.

Criteria? Well, I’d leave that properly vague. I’d say at minimum, a certain amount of time should pass before a thread qualifies. And heck, we’re flexible, right? The Hall of Fame could be a “living document” – unlike athletic Hall of Fames, we could remove entries if necessary to correct situations where it seemed like a good idea at the time, but not any longer.

I’ve used Fecetious a couple of times.

Oh, and we need a link to the original thread where Og originated! (Can’t do a search on a word with only 2 letters, but it was racinchikki’s post that pretty much got it started.)

Oh hell. I can’t resist. In addition to what’s already been mentioned, here are some other nominations…

How To Kill Evil Nazi Groundhogs
The Horror Of Blimps
Cervaise and the Telemarketer
The Monkey Butler Thread
OG SMASH: Here’s the full original Son og God thread.
Can We Induce Morality in SeaMonkeys?
Halvsie, the Two Legged Dog
Funny Things Said During Intimate Moments
Goat Porn
The TMI Thread
Guy Stuff
I just saw Star Wars…
Stuff The Youngsters Will Scratch Their Heads Over
The Goat Cannon Thread
Watershed Moments of the SDMB (contains links to many of these threads)

And many other SDMB phrases could be explained in the Hall of Fame too, like…
… Wally (the man, and the smilie)
… Winter of our Missed Content
… When come back, bring pie
… Smashie the animated smilie
… Jack Dean Tyler
… Invisible Pink Unicorn
… Gaudere’s Law

It is a shame Homer’s Monkey Butler Thread got closed. There was a lot of milage there. LMAO. Or should I say LAMO?

Mileage. Homer: “D’oh” :smack:

Perhaps a history of Threadspotting threads would be included in such a sticky thread.

It should be called the: You Don’t Know Dope Sheet


I think it would be cool to have a collection of “ask the…” threads

I’d make one but I’m far too lazy

World Trade Center Plane Crash. History in the making.

The idea was NOT to come up with a list of “best threads of all time” – that’s threadspotting. The idea was to come up with threads that EXPLAIN specific SDMB phrases or usages, like “1920s-S D R” or “Hi, Opal”, etc. Thus, as a sticky in ATMB, it would be a guide and help to newcomers to figure out our jargon.

At least, that’s what I thunk was bein’ suggested.

As full fledged leader of the Brat Pack no doubt it is my duty to enter us into the running. Surely this is at least one reason to include us: