1970's, Channel 11, New York, kids' TV

How many people here were New York kids in the 70’s, and would remember TV shows like Magic Garden, Joya’s Fun School, the various Krofft programs?

I have a lot of memories of these programs on WPIX, and would love to hear the recollections of others. A few random memories to get us going:

On Magic Garden I loved the Story Box. It would suddenly start doing this little song and bouncing its lid up and down to let Carole and Paula know it was time for a story. Then the would go to the box and pull out props, and they would figure out what story they belonged to.

For a while WPIX did some contests based on the old Intellivision game system. I remember them having a space shooting game going, and a kid who called in on the phone had to say “PIX” to shoot at spaceships. The kid would win prizes based on how many he hit.

On the Banana Splits show they had a segment called Danger Island, and I’ll never forget the guy yelling “Uh oh! Chongo!” My SO liked how the blonde girl on that show was always getting tied up by pirates…

There’s some good info on these and other shows here:

(I know we’ve had a Magic Garden appreciation thread in the past, but I can’t find it with the search function. Anyone else know where to look?)

Dude, you need to pay a visit to http://www.yesterdayland.com

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I loved the Giggle Patch too. Geez, how long ago was this? I remember being a wee, tiny little thing while watching and it’s been a long, looooong time since I was wee, tiny or little.

PIX! (zap)
PIX! (zap)
PIX! (zap)

OK, that’s all I have to contribute to this thread, it’s the only thing I remember from WPIX. :slight_smile:

IIRC, this was a call-in contest for kids. A video game would appear on the screen (like football) and when the kid yelled “Pix” some offscreen person at the station would push the button for the action command (throw a pass, depended on what the game was).
slightly off topic-my own WPIX memories are from the mid to late sixties. Officer Joe Bolton, Capt. Jack McCarthy, Gigantor and Chiller Theater.

Officer Joe Bolton and Capt. Jack McCarthy. Doh! didn’t read OP carefully emough–the contest is already described. I’m really making a mess of things.

In Buffalo, the cable system in the city started to carry WPIX and WOR in the late 1970s. I remember that Intellivision game quite well, expecially the kids that would make attempts at rapid firing – “pixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpix”

Thinking about it, we had the best of all worlds – WPIX, the Canadian stations, and the plethora of locally produced kiddie shows from Buffalo.

Grok –

Wow, thanks for the yesterdayland link. What fun! I hadn’t thought of so many of those programs in years. My absolute fav was Land of the Lost. Those sleestaks were just great. And that little ape-like creature… And those magic crystals really seemed like they were magical to me…wow, I loved that show.

Here’s something from the 70’s (and maybe early 80’s?) I’m sure you’ll remember: “It’s 10 p.m., do you know where your children are?” I don’t know if this was a nationwide thing or something done only in the NY metro area. I’m in NJ.

[obligatory Simpson reference]
Announcer: Do you know where your children are?
Homer: For the hundredth time: No![/obligatory Simpson reference]

As I remember it, the line went, “Have you hugged your child today?”

Here’s another one. Remember the guy who did all the editorials on WPIX? He was a vice-pres or something, and he would always conclude his segment with, “What’s your opinion? We’d like to know.”

That was being done on local TV in the southwest as recently as 10 years ago.

Small correction: it as channel 5, WNEW, that had the announcement “it’s 10 PM, do you know where your children are?” Not WPIX.

I remember Captain Jack McCarthy, who hosted “The Little Rascals” show, and Officer Joe Bolton, who hosted “The Three Stooges Show.”

For years and years, Jack McCarthy was the WPIX commentator for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade… I have NO proof that he was drinking on the air, but he always SOUNDED sloshed.

Yah, and remember the Yule Log? Christmas Day they would broadcast a log burning in a fireplace. Let those ol’ apartment dwellers feel like they’re in the country. I never watched it. Here’s a more modern version, if you scroll to the bottom you can have an internet Yule Log:

You are reminding me of a stupid old now-politically-incorrect joke. Do you now what they say on Polish Television? It’s 10 PM, do you know what time it is?

I remember this dumbass, last name Tillman, who was in charge of advertisement or something and he was looking for “The Big Idea,” of promoting WPIX, channel 11. He would walk around aimlessly, looking for some great big way to show off Channel 11. Each time, it was right there for him, but he always missed it, the loser. The Big Idea was the Twin Towers. Get it? Two ones standing next to each other? It would be interesting to see those commercials today.