1970's-era Catchphrases

I am now brainstorming for a project that will be '70s-themed. However, I was born in ‘78, and recall very little, and I’ve never watched That 70’s Show. I’m going to need authentic popular sayings and catchphrases of the time, stuff that will fit on a bumpersticker, y’know? So far, I’ve got "Keep On Truckin’." What are some others?

I always thought “Keep on Truckin’” was based more in the late 60’s As someone born in 1960 and child of the 70’s only a few come to mind and I thingk they might be regional:

“Eye Job!” This was accompanied by the action of pulling the flesh under your eye with the index finger. It was another way saying someone got sucked in.

“Take off, eh!” (Yes, I’m a hoser; this was an actual shoolyard saying before Bob & Doug gave it to the world.)


“Far out!”

One other thing: we used to “go scoffing”. Basically, we’d shoplift at the local mall and called it “scoffin’”


Loooooooking goooooood!

“Where’s the beef?”

“Party hardy!” (or is it “hearty”…?..neither is grammatically correct, but you catch the drift)

“Really!” or “For real!”

“I am not a crook!”

“What’s your sign?”

And if something was really far out, it was "far-fucking-out!"
I still let that last one slip out from time to time.

not grown up yet,

Have a nice day.

Kiss my grits.

[…suck in breath…] 'Ere.

“Where’s the beef?” is Eighties . . .

—Eve (who just can NOT bring herself to say “up your nose with a rubber hose”)

Would “Sit on it!” count? Did people say that in the 50s, or was it just something Happy Days invented?


“Sit on it” goes back to the thirties, and was usually accompanied by a familiar hand gesture. Very racy for a 70’s sit-com, bowlderized as it was.

My seventies youth was filled with plenty of cheesy palaver:


Come to think of it, nothing’s really changed.

The 70’s will be with you - always.

Outta site!


Hey HEY hey!

Takin’ care of business.

“Man, that girl is soooo tuff!”

Spelled that way, too. Tuff was the end-all, be-all of compliments.

Until “foxy” came around.

“She was so foxy.” or “That guy was such a fox!”

Then I heard all this tuffness and foxiness turn into “phat”, and I guess phat is where I’m at, now. :wink:

Effete Snob

You can’t always get what you want

Fuckin’ A (this one may be a bit earlier)

Obscure political bit: ‘WIN’ (J. Ford’s idea to control inflation was to have every citizen wear a button reading ‘WIN’, for ‘Whip Inflation Now’) Yes, really.

Killer Rabbit

Jesus Freaks

Hare Krishna
Bumper stickers:

Honk If You Think He’s Guilty (Nixon)

God Is My Co-Pilot

Even thought Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In originate in 1968, I will never forget Nixon on there saying Sock it to me!

I’ll tell ya, I get no respect. The other day I was at the airport and a Jesus freak came up to me and said, “God… likes you. As a friend.”

anyone remember those 70’s “do it” catchphrase
such as
“do it in the dirt”

Right On! (or Rat Own!)

and, of course, the original :slight_smile: symbol IS the 70’s

“Jesus freaks” dates to the '60s, Larry Norman et al.

Didn’t those “do it” phrases start in the 70’s? (Photographers do it with flash, hairdressers do it with etc. etc.)

“Right on, brother” (or sister …)

I don’t remember “tuff” being big but you would do anything to look or be cool. Everyone worked SO hard to give off this jaded, surprised by nothing air, :o and I wonder how much we missed out on being too cool to be delighted by anything. Enthusiasm was definitely uncool. Patriotism was pretty uncool, thus the stink of uncool was on the Rottsie people (ROTC). Even in the days of the bicentennial it was only marginally OK to show patriotism. New tennis shoes? very uncool. Who knows why?

Someone else said far fuckin’ out, and that was the coolest, most scandalous thing you could say. We used to swing on this incredibly dangerous tree swing tied about 30 feet in the air in a hundred year old oak tree, and about 20 feet long (which means we were at least 10 feet in the air when swinging). You had to climb the tree, walk out on the branches that were thick as the average tree themselves, and launch yourself out into the air. Once the swing slowed down you dropped to the leaf pile. This new girl came out and we took her to the swing, and the thrill of the drop made her scream out “FAR FUCKIN OUT!!!” We were so SHOCKED (hidden of course) and of course it became the instant phrase uttered any and all situations we could possibly apply it to.

Also someone said the smiley face :slight_smile: was the 70’s, I think that is a SD topic all on its own, and it was the 60’s.

From Flip Wilson:

“The devil made me do it,” and “What you see is what you get.”

"I’m not as think as you stoned I am."
I remember going to Great Adventure in NJ at about age 13, when I’d just started experimenting with drugs, and I couldn’t believe someone would wear a t-shirt proclaiming they were stoned. I couldn’t believe the police weren’t just swarming in to arrest him.