1980s sci-fi series

This has gotten under my skin, and I’m hoping someone can help me to get it out!

Does anyone remember a low-budget TV series which involved a car going through a carwash, and emerging as a spaceship? This may have been a syndicated program, or a local Los Angeles show. I’ve found a couple of other people looking for it in newsgroups, so I’m fairly certain that it’s a real show and not a figment of someone’s imagination.

It definitely is not Quark.

Help me, SDMB, you’re my only hope!

Was there a series of The Last Starfighter? Sounds like something that may have been in that movie.

Thanks, Zebra. I’ve seen The Last Starfighter several times, but it has been quite a while, and I don’t remember anything about a car wash. Can you refresh my memory?

There’s no car wash in Last Starfighter. Don’t worry about that avenue.

All I can think of is how in Automan his car often changed into things, like a helicopter. But I doubt that’s it either.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, Automan does sound plausible, but, again, there’s no spaceship. Maybe it was the aforementioned “space-age” looking helicopter.