1990s "Hot Wheels" type toy cars that flip over?

This has been driving me crazy for the better part of ten minutes. Google Fu is failing me, and while the SO knows what I’m talking about, she doesn’t remember the name either.

I remember that in the 90s there were these toy cars (the size of Hot Wheels - maybe they were) with big wheels that would extend above the chassis, so you could flip them over. There’d be one design on the “top” and one on the “bottom”, and I seem to remember the “roof” of the car would be loose inside the frame, so it would stick out the right way if the car was on the floor. Does anyone remember the name?

No. But I had one that went from, like, a Corvette to a police car. I thought they were the best things ever.

I just dug one out, but unfortunately lacking an underside it also lacks an identifying trademark.

Was it the Tyco Rebound?

That was a remote control car. I’m looking for the little Matchbox type cars, which seem to have existed, at least, so that’s a start.

Thanks for the reactions so far!

They’re still sold. If you wait till Monday, I’ll check the TRU on the way home.

I’m pretty sure they don’t sell them here in Belgium. But of course I’l wait. :smiley:

Lemme rephrase that. They were still sold as of last year, with a Marvel brand on them. Like ‘The Hulk’s Car’ and so on. They were somewhat larger than a Matchbox or Hot Wheels. But the rest of your description fits.

After the Christmas sales, they may no longer be in the TRU. I’ll check anyhow.

Aha. Found 'em on Amazon.
This is a modern version of the same toy. But fancier.

The name ‘Invert-ables’ comes to mind. Invertibles? Invertables?

My little brother had some. I thought they were called “flip its” but google doesn’t agree.

It was very definitely something like that. I seem to recall it ended in “ables”. Unfortunately, the third google item that pops up when I search “invertables toy cars” is this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the effort, but they didn’t look like that. The wheels were flat and they didn’t stick out like on these cars: I remember they had some kind of metal paint on them to give the impression of flashy hubcabs. Strange that a lot of us seem to have a common conception, but no memory of a name…

No, they didn’t look like that at all, but the toy is fairly similar despite that, if you wanted to pick one up for someone.