1st anniversary coming up. Would like some romantic ideas.

Argh! I coming up short on what to do!

I guess I should say, fancy and expensive does not impress my girl. So, expensive hotel overlooking the Dallas skyline is right out. No, she is much more impressed with cheap and creative. Perhaps something handmade as a gift.

She’s also an Irish girl that loves all things Irish.

Any ideas guys?

My current plan is to take her to the indoor butterfly sanctuary. They also have an area there for picnics.

That’s the best I could come up with so far. Plus I’d like to get her a gift. Maybe even a hand made one. (by me)

Thanks for any input.

Just to clarify, so’s there’s no misunderstanding . . . This is for your daughter? Or your wife?

The traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper. Since she likes handmade and frugal, how about a card, journal book, framed piece featuring paper crafting with an Irish theme? You can certainly get Celtic rubber stamps and if you are near a large town or city, local craft stores may have classes on rubber stamping and other paper crafts.

Or, a chain of origami figures, or one nice one affixed to a blank card. Again, a large craft store will have the papers and little books on various figures.

The modern first anniversary gift is clocks, in case that has any special significance.

Variations on the theme to get your imagination going:

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 1st Anniversary:
•An anniversary journal to record your memories of your anniversaries throughout your marriage. You may think that you will never forget how you celebrated your anniversaries, but the chances are you will! Write down how you spent your anniversary together and what gifts you gave to one another.
•Magazine subscription.
•Jigsaw puzzle.
•Paper weight.
•Art print.
•Sheet music.
•Road map describing a trip to take together.
•Egg timer.
•Kitchen timer.
•Wrist watch.

Okay, I guess I should clarify. I’m speaking of my girlfriend. Our one year anniversary of being exclusive is coming up. Thank you for the input. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

Why would the OP be asking for romantic anniversary date ideas for his daughter???

The butterfly thing sounds lovely. Is there a realistic Irish Pub nearby for dinner?

Butterfly place sounds great! Maybe bring a picnic that you make yourself or get take-out from a favorite restaurant. A gift of 12 little things - one for each month - would be sweet. 6 flowers and 6 chocolate-dipped strawberries, etc. :slight_smile:

Is baking something an option? My husband loves Bailey’s Irish Cream, and I once made him a cake with it, which he loved. Or there could be simpler options, with the same general idea. For example, I just googled “recipes for brownies with baileys Irish cream”, and there were a lot of good options.

You could take an old watch of yours that’s pretty cool looking, take it apart and replace the insides with a cute, candid picture of the two of you together. Size it for her to wear. If my husband had done that, I would’ve loved it.

Oh, and make the food for the picnic. That’ll get you extra nookie points.

And an anniversary journal sounds lovely. You could even cover one yourself to make it super special. Congrats on one year!

The butterfly sanctuary is cool. Then bring her home, and surprise her with some origami butterflies.

I was going to suggest similar, but using the paper butterflies before as a sort of teaser/guessing game about the main event.

Yes! OP, any chance you have a loft like this?