1st Photos of Extrasolar Planet!!!

Utterly amazing.

You can see the pic here.

heh. you got me! good one.

Que? AFAIK, it’s not an April Fool’s prank.

Wow, I wonder what genius came up with the name for that telescope.

You know, one of the original names kicked around for the Hubble was “Great Orbital Device.” :smiley:

I just knew it was gonna be a picture of Uranus…

That’s nothing.

It was originally slated to be called the Bloody Large Telescope but then all of the naming committee got inexplicable hungy and a recess was called for.

I thought the TGV was the coolest name in the world for a train until somebody translated the French for me and I found out it just means “high-speed train”. Another illusion shattered :frowning:

It’s still a cool train. And actually taking a photo of an extrasolar planet is just mind-blowingly amazing, even if the telescope that took it does have a boring name.

I thought posting pictures of naughty bits was a no no in these forums.

I think NASA is working in collaboration with the ESA to develop the BFT…

Another not-very-original telescope name is the [url=]http://www.vla.nrao.edu/VLA. :smack:

Damn coding! Fixed link - VLA

Ooh, cool.

(From seeing pictures, I’d say that “very large array” is the best name for it. 'cuz really…it’s very large. And an array of satellite dishes. Quite boring to look at, IMO.)