Amazing Photo Journey Of Our Solar System

Seen [here]( Part 2 here.

Wow. You see pictures and stuff that comes out from NASA every once in a while, but to see them put together and to almost make a narrative about it is really remarkable and breathtaking.

Very nice. I love astronomy images.

Cool, thanks for posting it.

This is great. Astronomy images are always amazing.

The “surface image” of Venus is really, really cool.

Stuff makes you wonder, if Earth is the only planet that supports life, then what is all this other shit for?

For putting our stuff, man.

So each of my cats can have their own planet. Each of us can have our own galaxy.


Mimas. Iapetus.

That’s not a system of moons…that’s a mothball fleet.

My favorite image is the eclipse of Saturn. Very cool.

That’s no moon, that’s a mothball?
The most amazing thing to me is the true-color images. I’m so used to macroscopic (and microscopic) photos labeled “in false color”, or “artist’s renditioning” that it’s almost hard to believe they really do come in such bright colors.