Awe Inspiring Photos

21 Sun Photos

Don’t know that they’re particularly mundane or pointless, but I had no choice but to share them.

Anyone else have any favorites?

I actuallty think these pics are awesome.Thanks for posting them.

Amazing and beautiful. And so very very unearthly.

Well that’s cause, you know, the sun isn’t on earth. (Your usename states that fact quite bluntly; perhaps you should read it? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Great pics; thanks for sharing!!

Very nice. Although … I can’t help feeling like I shouldn’t stare directly at these pictures.

Hie thee to the Astronomy Picture of the Day or browse their archive.

The Big Picture is one of my favouritest sites. They pick such wonderfully amazing and evocative images (one of my recent faves was their coverage of the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics).

I love that site.

Check out October 5, 2008 “Earth at Night.”

Wow! Those pics are really beautiful!