Really cool astronomy .gif

There’s a .gif of a complete lunation (lunar cycle) at Astronomy Picture of the Day for 2004 August 29 (that’s the way they show dates there; I think it’s an astronomers’ convention to show dates that way). If you are reading this after August 29th, or want to see it again in future, it will be accessible from their archive page.

I love photos of galaxies, so I have APOD set as my browser homepage. Another advantage to it is that I see no ads first thing when I logon. :cool:

That’s very interesting! It is already August 30th, didn’t you mean until the end of August?

Pretty cool. It really does a great job of illustrating lunar libration.

… and now it is set as my desktop…

really cool gif!

Hey, me too!

Thanks, tygerbryght! That is too cool!

“In the not too distant future…”

That site should have a more accurate title, considering that some pictures have been used for multiple days.