1st test - hiding the contents of spoiler boxes in threads so they aren't visible on 'mouse-over'.

Please ignore this, I’m just testing to see if an arbitrary guess of ten lines of text in this little window will be sufficient to hide the contents of a spoiler box. Even more than usual, I have nothing worthwhile to say, I’m just trying to fill the space with enough text to make for ten full lines of text. It is interesting that ‘sufficient’ is an exception to the rule ‘I before E except after c or when sounding like ‘ā’ as in neighbour and weigh.’ ‘Receipt’ follows this rule while ‘sufficient’, ‘efficient’ and ‘deficient’ do not. ‘Caffeine’, ‘weird’ and ‘beige’ are also exceptions. Here is the eleventh line, and just in time.He was calling from UPSTAIRS!
And now, the test - did that work?

So, for those interested, the mouseover reveals up to the ‘…enough text to make for ten full…’

That represents 57 words or 238 characters (without spaces) or 294 characters (with spaces). I can’t tell whether the words, characters or lines are more important, but that was enough to cover up the spoiler box.

One more thing to try in a different thread…

Of course, the easiest way to do this would be to put the spoiler box in a later reply to your own post…