can you read this OP?

Just testing if there is a new way to hide data.

The above text should be readable from the post listing page but not from within the thread.

Sorry. I don’t think I can read your message.

Not sure what you’re trying to test here, but when I select the spoiler box, I see “Spoiler:” over and over in an arc down the box, with no text at the bottom.

However, if I select the entire box, copy it, and paste elsewhere, I see the repeated “Spoiler:” and then this sentence at the bottom: “Just testing if there is a new way to hide data,” to which the answer is apparently, “Not from anyone who’s ever used a computer before.”

elmwood, that was really cool.

Sorry, I don’t speak Shalmanese

Try a quote-spoiler box instead. Quotes, IIRC, aren’t visible in mouse-over.

Although I note that a spoiler-quote box seems to have the opposite effect from what was intended:[spoiler]


zut, I think that the OP’s idea was text which would be visible on mouseover, but not within the thread. If that was his intention, then he appears to have succeeded… Though I have no idea why he would have wanted to do so.

I can read the text fine. It may be a browser issue; I’m using Opera.