$2.5 Million Worth of Puke!

Hey, that “Can you hear me now?” commercial made me dive for the remote-control and hit my head on the coffee table—that should be worth $3 million!

That must be some coffee table.

Did you wake up in a land with full color and talking animals?

Or just New York?

Dammit! This makes me very angry.
I’ve watched Fear Factor before and always turned away or turned it off during the gross eating segments. If I’d just watched and puked I could have made a fortune. I got bills to pay, I could use the money.

Dang! The thread title made me think it was another Mary or Jesus sighting. “Puddle of barf sells on ebay for $2.5 million!”

In their defense, Fear Factor still has yet to feature a Cherokee Hair Tampon.


sues lieu for a few million for anguish caused by that mental picture

Oh come on now, I swear to og and all who read this that for 2.5 million bucks cash money… I WOULD BE WILLING TO TAKE A CHUG OF REGURGITATED RAT FROM THE FEAR FACTOR PUKE BUCKET.

For an even three million, I’d have a go at flossing with the above mentioned hair plug. :smiley:

For some reason the thread title made me think immediately of Samuel Beckett:

(That’s from memory so it may not be verbatim. It’s close though.)

I’ve noticed that if I drink enough I get lightheaded and dizzy and start bumping into things. Sometimes I even throw up! Obviously this is the fault of the alcohol industry. Now where’s my lawyer’s phone number?

Well, you know, I’ve got to find some way to pay for the liver transplant.

He couldn’t turn it off quick enough?

Host: OK, now we’re going to blend up a rat smoothie for you to drink. We are going to use real rats.

TV Viewer: Hmm. Real rats? I think they might be crossing a line, here. I didn’t mind watching them slurp up worms, but I feel sick just thinking about someone drinking pureed rat.

Host: OK, now the rats are in the blender. We are going to turn the blender on now and blend up the rats so you can drink them.

TV Viewer: Uh oh, I had better find my remote control device, so I don’t have to watch this part. I definitely might find it too upsetting.

Host: OK, now the rats are all blended up. Now we’re going to make you drink it.

TV Viewer: Oh, no, where is that device to turn off the TV? I’ve been flopping my hand all around the space adjacent to my recumbent form, and it hasn’t landed on the device even once. Is there any other alternative?

Host: OK, here’s your rat smoothie. You have 20 seconds in which to consume it entirely.

TV Viewer: Oh I really don’t want to see this. If only there was some other way to not watch this other than finding a way to turn it off remotely.

Contestant: Slurrp slurp.

TV Viewer: Oh yuck. I’m feeling disoriented. I might even throw up. What a calamity!

I mean, does anyone really think it went like this:

Host(very rapidly): OK now we’re going to make you drink rats ready go.
TV viewer: Oh, no!
Contestant: Gulp.
TV viewer: Aaaah!


How is it that the SPCA isn’t all over the pureed rats thing? Dear god.

That’s what I want to know. The episode that turned me off was when they were eating live slugs. For crying out loud, in the movie Shawshank Redemption, they had to feed a dead maggot to the baby crow, because the ASPCA wouldn’t let them use a live one. And these fools get away with chewing and swallowing live slugs?

I need to know what this is. If only to avoid ever accidentally putting those three words together in the same sentence, and being mortally mortified.

Get away with it? DAMN, my challenge stands but beware of high velocity toe nails.
just sayin…

Cherokee hair tampons are a reference to a South Park episode where two Mexicans tried fooling the gullible townspeople into buying a lot of gross junk, passing it off as “New Age” products from “Native Americans.”

I don’t watch Fear Factor. There’s a reason for this. Because I don’t want to see pureed rats. in fact I would never never never have learned of such a thing if it weren’t for this law suit. Now I’m nauseated.

I think I should sue him.