Dude! Fear Factor is simply repugnant!

You know, I can understand the physical stuff, since I’m sorta afraid of heights and sorta claustrophobic. That would be “overcoming your fears” which is actually a good premise.


What the HELL is this nasty stuff they make people eat? I see them gagging and it’s all I can do not to puke. What in God’s name are they thinking? That has nothing to do with fear and everything to do with being straight up gross.

And these people…are they so desperate for attention that they’re willing to make total fools of themselves on national television? Where do these people come from?

I know this is old news, but this is the first time I ever troubled myself to watch any of it, and I’ll tell you what, I’m never watching it again. I’m just repulsed by the whole thing.

I had to leave the room during tonight’s “meal”. I could use $1,000 but I do have some pride. I fully agree, and am just as disgusted.


Wait wait, so what did they eat?

Cow spleen, intestine, and snout skin, complete with fur. All of which was raw, by the way.

I eat raw bacon, raw steak, sometimes even raw chicken (all on occasion, I might add), but raw organ meats, digestive system, and fur is where I draw the line.

Mmmmm…I like to eat the “oink”.

GaWd, that is exactly what I was going to post.

They were folding up the snout, like that was going to do any good at all. “I got the fur stuck in my teeth!” Bleh.

But you have to admit, when the body builder forgot the last flag…that was funny.

I thought for sure that last girl to eat the nasty stuff was either going to chicken out or blow chunks, the way whe was blubbering before her turn. Then she goes and kicks everyone’s ass.

Did anyone else see Downtown Julie Brown getting attacked by a herd of leeches on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” tonight? Equally nasty, IMHO.

Yeah, I never understood how eating nasty food fits the premise of the show, either. If they were eating something that could kill them, like Fugu or undercooked chicken or something, that would make more sense.

Anyhow, I remember one show a couple of years ago where each contestant had to eat a boiled buffalo testicle, still in its… um… skin. Veins and everything. Then when the first guy bit into a testicle (it was about the size of a baseball), there was this sort of squishy popping sound and juice squirted out. Yummy.

I’ve always thought that “Disgust Factor” would be a better name for the show.

Think about it: any stunt which might potentially be dangerous is ameliorated with safety equipment (ropes, nets, helmets, etc., etc.)

And the rest of the show is devoted to eating strange bits of strange animals.

Not much fear there; more of a gross-out, really.

(emphasis mine)

:eek: All I can say is, hope you didn’t buy the bacon and chicken at your local supermarket.

Makes me afraid to watch the damned show. (which I wouldn’t do anyway)

I saw a show once on the training to become the British equivilent of a Green Beret. One requirement was to be able to overcome their revulsion and eat disgusting things. What they had to eat was earthworms on scrambled eggs. They actually showed them cooking it up. The scene haunts me to this day…


I thought it had been cancelled.

some people are afraid of bugs… what better way to “conquer” that fear than, uhm, eat them burp From what I have seen of the show, the driving force is to do things you never thought you could do, jumping from moving boats, eating truly disgusting “food”, etc. And the people that managed to do it, imagine how good they must feel about themselves (once their stomaches have settled at least :slight_smile: ) because of what they managed to do.

Disgusting yes, fear-free, IMHO no!

Rearding the stunts being down with safety equipment - I’m sure its still damn scary being at any height, safety equipment or no.

I was going to enter our local FF, but unfortunantly work commitments prevented, but next time…

I’m pretty sure they aren’t raw. They used to have this part of their website where they would describe each week’s gross stunts, and where they came up with the ingredients (Chinatown mostly). Anyways, generally they would boil the heck out of the random organ parts. Makes them safe, but probably worse to eat than raw.

I saw this show once a couple weeks ago, and it was couples competing. The gross-out was that they had to transfer live giant hissing Madagascar cockroaches from one container to another using only their mouths.

Then the losing couple got a thousand bucks, by each eating one.

NASTY!!! But I have to admit I was entertained.

So THAT’S how I can overcome my fear of being attacked by an uncooked bull testicle! !


Personally, I think there should only be Celebrity Fear Factor. Who wants to see nobodies humiliate themselves? It’s only interesting when the New American Royalty degrade themselves for the masses. Kill your idols, indeed.